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  1. Other places on the Devour Downtown list that I visit often are McCormick and Schmicks and Oceanaire for seafood and Capitol Grille for old school steakhouse atmosphere. You would have a hard time finding a three course meal at any of those places for $30 regularly so if you don't mind chain restaurants that can be found in other cities these are good deals as well. Ann Marie
  2. Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse is normally $46.50 for dinner so the $30 Devour Downtown deal is an excellent value. If you've not been and are a carnivore the place is worth a visit. You will receive a small round disc to place by your plate, when you want more meat you put the green side up and if you don't need more meat yet you put the red side up. Gauchos will come to your table with meat when they see the green side up on your disc. Looks like the Devour Menu includes ten of their meats. If you don't eat meat you can still join your carnivore friends because the salad bar (although pricey at $19.50) is very nice. FdC has a signature drink that is kind of like a mojito called caipirinha made with white rum. The summer version of the drink is a tropical caipirinha with a variety of muddled fruits. The mojitos are good too. I've never had a bad meal at Harry and Izzy's. Nice old school masculine vibe right beside St Elmo's, named for a couple of former owners of St. E's and owned by the same restaurant group. My best friends' opened a new restaurant on Massachusetts Ave last year called Mess on Mass Ave. Mesh has gotten great reviews on and was named best new restaurant by either Nuvo or Indianapolis Magazine (can't remember which). Mesh has a $2 bar menu daily 3-6 pm and also late night. I've never had a bad meal there and I like the interior of the restaurant, very comfortable vibe. Might not be walking distance from Lucas Oil Stadium at almost two miles northeast of the stadium but is just a short cab ride away. It is about a 20 minute walk from Monument Circle in the heart of downtown Indy and Mass Ave is a nice street to walk with shops and galleries. Ann Marie
  3. I doubt the OP is a teenager. They tend to give themselves away with their spelling and grammar choices.
  4. 2007 put CC on the road to the top 2009 was crazy fun start to finish
  5. I respect your feelings about not feeling safe walking back to the hotel from the stadium. Downtown Indy is bustling with pedestrians and feels very safe but LOS was recently built just a couple blocks south of where most things happen so it can be a bit dark and desolate at night.
  6. On Wednesday night we ate at Harry and Izzy's. "Devour Downtown" was going on Sundays-Thursdays with high end restaurants offering 3 course meals for $30. I like H&I but if I'd known about the Devour Downtown deal in advance we probably would have gone to Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse (really fab meatfest and salad bar) since it is normally $46 without dessert. I am a vegetarian and husband is a carnivore and we both love that place. Salad bar only is $19.50. Then we dropped into the Hall of Fame Event and grabbed a drink, participated in the raffles and were bathed in the sound of Star of Indiana. About a week before finals I jumped on Ticketmaster and bought $75 tickets for Fridays semi-finals front and center. Sat in 140, 3rd row so I could have my face peeled off by corps and so I could witness the emotion on the faces of Star alumni during their performance. Rather than attend finals on Saturday we wandered about White River State Park to watch some of our favorite corps warm up. White River State Park has a number of attractions to check out including the zoo, Victory Field, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, the Indiana State Museum (complete with a replica old school department store tea room for those with a taste for nostalgia), rentals of Four Wheel Surrey Bikes, Cruisers, Tandems, Pedal Boats and Kayaks and Segway tours around the canal.
  7. While this info has been posted on another thread it is buried in 7 pages. How great for these two guys to be showered with good thoughts from the drum corp community. Show 'em your love DCP! Grab a couple of cards and send them their way. Ryan's surgery was this morning at 10am and he has come through with flying colors and resting comfortably. He will be heading home from Indy soon and a member of the Crown Admin Team has stayed behind to make sure he is not alone. If you would like to send Ryan a card, please send it to: Carolina Crown 227a Main St Fort Mill, SC 29715 Attn - Ryan Brannan And we will forward them to him! Many of you already know that one of our bus drivers from the coach company we work with broke his ankle trying to carry Ryan off the field. He will be out of commission as a driver for an extended period of time while he heals. If you would like to send Stan a card, please send it to: Carolina Crown 227A Main St Fort Mill, SC 29715 Attn - Stan Olochwoszcz
  8. Crown has a massive online presence. They maintain a very interactive Facebook page that keeps people involved.
  9. I watched them get them at warm ups. I believe it was a surprise to them. I thought they looked awesome.
  10. I assume they all warm up at White River State Park near the Eiteljorg Museum and Victory Field baseball park. I know Madison warms up there and I think it is the spot for all corps. It is a hike from the stadium. Google maps shows it at 1.2 miles from the stadium. Google map walking directions from Lucas Oil Stadium Head north on S Capitol Ave toward W Chesapeake St 499 ft 2. Turn left at W Maryland St 0.4 mi 3. Continue onto W Washington St 0.4 mi 4. Turn right at Drover St/S White River Pkwy Dr 33 ft 5. Turn left at W Washington St 0.2 mi 6. Slight right Destination will be on the left 131 ft White River State Park 1200 West Washington
  11. Really? They would turn down the chance to hang out with old friends, make friends with Star alums they never marched with and pass up the chance to play to a crowd that will show them some serious love because Star "babies" were added? Cut off the nose to spite the face? I have to believe there would be other factors as well in their choice not to participate. My son is one of the legacy kids performing Friday and he has enjoyed his time with Star alums tremendously. They have been very kind to him.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Chills. Close to tears. I'm a sap.
  13. I was there as well. So glad I saw them in that venue. It was so intimate. LOOOOOOVED it!
  14. Adding a preshow to honor the "Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper" photo I believe.
  15. Never marched so I don't have a corp tat but I do have 3 small very personal tattoos that are not very visible. Got the first one in 1985 and the third one in 2007. Would still like one more but I'm letting the idea of the location and exact design ferment. No rush. Took both of my kids to get their first tats too and they both love them. It's an ancient custom and when done with forethought I think it is a cool thing.