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  1. Music side was just incredible - especially the winds Here's the drum centric video of them:
  2. A terrific program. Most of these top programs don't go every year. Broken Arrow wasn't in Indy either The Ronald Reagan program was terrific this year - but a ton of park and play and/or park and spin, which is obviously the trend these days in DCI as well Side by side the Vander program was just much more difficult in terms of simultaneous demand and musicality this year. The visual/GE monster of the RR program overtook them in SA
  3. Avon's guard was incredible - only topped by the top several DCI guards
  4. Watch the BOA San Antonio event - proves what you are saying is incorrect
  5. I do agree. A couple folks have seemed to escape any public criticism too part of the short term issue is probably due to the terrible competitive result and unpopular show - less donations, fewer merchandise purchases etc - already driving a tight cash flow position the wrong directions i wonder as an outsider if they made revenue assumptions that they didn’t achieve? They must forecast as conservatively as possible until things loosen up
  6. Agreed - was shocked they didn’t beat Reagan in TX - glad to see playing while marching be rewarded
  7. why would they sell their only revenue source?
  8. Or maybe a different type of announcement
  9. on the flip side to the smaller-than-desired Veterans Day event - a large number of US Bands contest were "full" this season that said - the damage inflicted by GH mater was only heightened by the thin ice YEA was treading on under his leadership none of should be surprised thus will take several seasons to rectify
  10. And there ya go. No one has to worry now about anyone being taken advantage of
  11. Nah it’s like 15 old grumpy people- ignore them!
  12. Perhaps everyone in this thread is unaware that Cadets have a new BOD, CEO, Director, Corps Manager etc. either that or we are just assigning the sins of the prior overlord to the organization for perpetude