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  1. Or just have a corps filled with 70% ring chasers each season.
  2. Don’t know. I’m here in MD and we just have some icy rain - nothing much
  3. corps camp this weekend - I'd expect some updates after that
  4. except none of this is anything other than internet chatter at this point
  5. 84 thru 05 had always been my pick 90s overall stronger imo with 80s being more “revolutionary” and 90s just rock solid top to bottom by the time we get to 2001 for Cadets the program design started to be much more hit or miss 2005 a huge hit - 2006 an example of just the opposite
  6. or perhaps DCI lays down markers for Cadets to attain to qualify for World Class as an new 501C3 - wouldn't be the first or last time rules are "adapted" for unique circumstances
  7. she runs the drum corps - YEA is a board of directors they would probably deal with. The drum corps / other groups could be peeled off if need be (if USB etc were sold or dissolved) at least that's the way I would picture it... Doug Rutherford has been VERY quiet after his normally quarterly updates he was providing (BOD) - so I'd think SOMETHING is up. But better to stay quiet until there's resolved "news" to share
  8. correct - they would peel off Cadets and just sell them the circuit to make this work practically/legally I have zero idea (or knowledge) of whether this would happen or not, but it makes sense from a portfolio expansion perspective. Cheer groups are HUGE - but so are marching/music ensembles with, what, 25K high schools in the USA and 10K or so with competitive marching/music ensembles. Some with several per school
  9. I (personally) would expect "Varsity" to end up with the drum corps video biz / licenses within five years As others have mentioned I know they are interested in USB (and/or BOA) to get a foot in the door Which one sells to them first is anyone's guess - but Varsity is a BILLION dollar annual biz... yes, with a B