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  1. Um no constructive comments welcome by all in this thread has been my experience
  2. zero idea what's at play - frankly nothing would surprise me
  3. I've heard the brass experience and the SOUND they produced at the standstill was very solid
  4. 36 is light and given the experience of this team (Denise for example) I have a feeling the number was heavily considered and made sense given their perception of the potential membership and the planned program. Just my perception based on their announcements
  5. SMART branding lol The folks on this thread currently degrading the Cadets 2020 / YEA etc are an interesting bunch Ask yourself - what is driving this? Are they aligned with Hopkins? Or is it other agenda/forces at work here? One thing is certain - it certainly isn't the "best interest of the current members" they have in mind I'm appalled.
  6. April and gang could take an ambitious and hard working young person who’s never spun a flag and turn them into a clean and wonderful performer by mid season. Absolutely nothing to worry about lol
  7. Yes. They have about 15 spots avail and the techs and team have tons of WGI ties so they will hand recruit a bunch cadets marching 36 and 4 alternates it’s not a huge line to fill out brass and percussion are in fine shape i find it fascinating how these clear Hop fans are becoming so vocal - pretty clear that 2020 is a threat to “everything sucks now” message they continue to religiously pontificate
  8. Oh absolutely lol - you’ve been 100% negative
  9. You sir are certainly showing your true colors and also showing how incredibly out of the loop you are Cadets 2020 will be legendary
  10. I tend to agree with this as well. I can think of MANY great judges who came from the percussion world.
  11. Man Ronald Reagan HS band just crushed it on NBC at the Macy’s parade at Herald Square!!
  12. Happy thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys the day with friends and family celebrating all our blessings - George
  13. Um - that he was a narcissist and verbal bully? I’m not sure it was an open secret he was alleged predator and worse
  14. Or if in 18 months things aren’t trending better move the headquarters where they can get a bingo license or to a boa hotbed like Bloomington or even Texas or FL or maybe somewhere wealthy like Annapolis MD
  15. The whole purpose organizationally for USB is to support financially and recruit for the cadets. It would be like SCV shutting down their corps and maintaining bingo ops because that darn corps is a money loser
  16. Other than 4 or 5 every drum corps is on thin ice.
  17. And how much are u donating and volunteering?
  18. yup decades of treating donors and volunteers like crap - plus spending like BD which has multi million dollar bingos - it caught up
  19. agree - not always easy or popular - the toughest decision was certainly shelving C2 - but this is tough as well