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  1. All I know is ensemble ran until 1140pm yesterday and they are supposed to have the full show in full uniform on Tuesday Curious to see the uniforms as well
  2. Quick question - when you say copy and paste the corps names to the right do you mean DON'T reorganize them in order of predicted placement or is it better to reorder them in order of scores for the prediction?
  3. Excited to see the corps, reading this thread and listening to the music has me pumped!
  4. He's just sad because the Cavaliers are going down this year Hahaha.
  5. I’ve seen some rehearsal video - imo they are going to be improved
  6. the props for this year are Bluecoats worthy IMO
  7. yeah last years Crown props were a swing and a miss - Cadets props last year added zero, but at least they were small yet ineffective. Massive and ineffective is so annoying
  8. I agree on the prop comment. Highly effective and very well used.
  9. Great post and great suggestion for all i recently saw a similar post in the Cadets volunteer FB book and the volunteers purchases through amazon had resulted in donations of over $170 seeing that encouraged me to sign up for the program as a amazon prime member My existing shopping will now benefit the corps of my choice while costing me nothing!
  10. I’ve listened to the standstill a couple times now. Quite an impressive musical debut for Boston Content wise the book is clearly aimed at the top 4 It reminds me of Crown 2012 a bit, but without the Klesch influence There is a bit of notes for the sake of notes, and a bit too much blastissimo - however they will clean the sound out and shape the dynamics all summer impressive! I would put Boston ahead of Crown at this point - just based on what I’ve heard and seen from both corps so far
  11. I have no idea but I haven’t heard about a stream event
  12. It’s so early: it’s hard to go from remember the final product of last year to seeing the late ST product of this
  13. I’ve seen Cadets: and BD - curious about SCV
  14. I can't get over this conversation. Guess at this stage it shouldn't surprise me too much... Boston releases positively bad ### uniforms - people complain Regiment releases a modern and slick take of their classic uniform - people complain Colts release a distinctive uniform (a lot more original and creative than their traditional - and, people complain I thought we wanted more "Uniform" like apparel for the drum corps. Seems like that's what we are getting - including the Regiment one that is CLEARLY Regiment
  15. I like the Boston look - so far this years uniforms seem a little less costumey and a bit more "uniform" in that they appear to be more of a serious design