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  1. I don’t know their schedule on the call Denise mentioned they would continue to meet virtually until they get to once again gather in person they suggest May 5th as a date for the split being updated and they were launching M&G campaign etc.
  2. Rocky! 90% of the contracted 2020 corps is returning for 2021 having listened the the zoom conference at the end of this weekend”s cadets virtual camp all I have to say is: the cadets are once again setting the standard and being the innovators in this activity wow!
  3. Yup horrible (sac) so horrible it sounds like they have most of the corps already set to return for 2021 including most (all?) of the percussion section. Wow!
  4. I thought that guard design was beyond tacky, like 18-20 year olds. Particularly on finals night. JMO
  5. “Fans, friends, and alumni can join in at on Sunday at 2:30 PM EST for a virtual camp wrap up featuring the staff and members. The brass staff has been working on an exciting virtual performance of a familiar piece that fans will not want to miss. Everyone will also have the opportunity to show their support for The Cadets with a donation to the Maroon and Gold Campaign” From their FB
  6. Cadets 2021 corps is holding a virtual camp this weekend and there’s a Sunday online event. Got this from their FB page if you’re in need of an 18 month off-season. Fix 2:30 Sunday there is an online live event
  7. this is my favorite mid season video from 90 - in Virginia in early July these corps improved A LOT between then and finals
  8. 90 is one of my favorite DCI seasons. For several reasons Very competitive until finals week - the top six were closely bunched mid season and many of them beat corps they ended up losing to later. A couple weeks prior to finals there was no clear front runner Star 90 was fantastic - saw them at Hersey PA at an early show and they absolutely crushed Cadets. Cadets were already exciting to watch but filthy dirty. Star was majestic and did a full standstill encore (the usual back then) and that horn line had finally grown into the beast it was from 90-93. Wow - visually on the move they just glittered across the field and had truly grown into a championship type corps. Cadets 90 had my favorite individual single performance ever - on a wet field in Meadowlands after the show was rain delayed then canceled. After a long delay they came out and just killed it. A big group of us watched with our jaws dropped and the crowd went bonkers. They then went in to zoom through finals week. Amazing memory i also loved Buffalo - mild temps and area sights to enjoy (Niagara for example) - big outdoor venue. I also loved Cavaliers that year and many more of the programs - each corps had a distinct identity and the programming was very diverse Hard to believe that’s was three decades ago
  9. Ok well now its 4/1 and I was still joking. Their last three championships came from shows changed late - just a tip btw
  10. Oh really? I had no idea just like I guess you had no idea I was JOKING 🙃
  11. yes and in true legendary Cadets fashion they will then scrap it and redo it in April 2021. Then they will teach it at ST and realize it is 17 minutes long and start the cuts they've won several championships just like that!
  12. Who’s running around like children with their hair on fire?
  13. I can’t believe anyone believes China’s data
  14. South Korea had two advantages - 1. they used the WHO test (which is inferior but was ready sooner) while we followed our policy of a CDC test (which had those flaws and led to a huge delay) AND they had the recent experience from their prior outbreak. Our set up (prior to now) just didn't have the ramp up built in and was so over regulated. Glad we are working to improve
  15. we are also working on an "instant" test similar to a pregnancy test that turns color for home use - but that's like 45 days out, so summer I really believe by microtargeting the tracking and mitigation efforts we can control this out of the country MUCH faster than expended - but boy is the damage being done in the meantime... Let's face it, this blows. The folks in charge of this are by far the best in the world.
  16. yes - announcement coming Thursday, many corps have been pressuring & several are having full corps online meetings tomorrow night to tell their members prior to the news what a waste and buy American
  17. already exceeding & speeding up extremely quickly - 100,000 per day next week and 300,000 per day in two weeks
  18. what a refreshing post - finally someone who isn't an expert on law, contagious disease, global warming/weather AND drum corps!
  19. of course the fees and salaries would need to shrink for a shorter season - and perhaps a $5 fee added to each show ticket that goes directly to the member corps
  20. So how short a season makes sense? a three week ST and a three week tour is about as short as I can picture. under that scenario move in would need to be 6/28 and first show maybe 18 then u would have a couple regionals then worlds how short is worth it?
  21. I’m pretty sure that we all know that. I was simply making the point that school facilities aren’t unused during summer in most cases.