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  1. I don't think the importance of "Empire State of Mind" lies in the lyrics is how it relates to the show. Completely, anyways. It moreso just encompasses the idea (this is what I got out of it anyways) that even after the city suffers a tragedy like 9-11, it still holds a particular spirit and funk that makes New York, New York. But another good closer, I loved 2010 Crown's reprise of Mahler's 2nd.
  2. Massachusetts! Because no one counts the Boston Crusaders as actually being from here... Well, no one I know anyways.
  3. I know how to back up my files silly gooses. I'm a child of the digital age. However, I'm still wary of just keeping stuff digital. I still like tangible things like that. Makes me feel better about myself I suppose.
  4. I just feel that having something tangible still means something to people. Like I could have my hard drive wiped and forever lose that video of a 2010 show. However, the 2009 DVD I will always have. That's just my opinion on it I guess. Perhaps I'm old fashioned in that respect.
  5. I just went on to the DCI website to see the pre-order price for DVDs and there's no option for the Open Class DVD. Is there no Open Class DVD this year?
  6. China Cymbal on a timpani. Put the China on the timp upside down and roll on the cymbal while you just go randomly on the pedal. Bow on a gong. Gong or chimes in water.
  7. Citations had six age-outs. Our drum major 3 in the pit One from the guard And our trumpet soloist The youngest member of our corps this season was 14 though I'd say the average age is around 17 or 18