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  1. It is Gaelic!! Sorry I don't have the translation though.
  2. Even more to add, they went to high school with another set of twins, girls. The girls just graduated this spring. Both of them are marching, one playing trumpet for Phantom, and her sis is in the guard with Crown. When my boys began their DCI "career" they were the only ones from school. This year there are 7 of them! Only my son and a guard member are in Boston, the rest are scattered, all in world class corps. They truly spread their love of marching throughout their band!!!
  3. I will be there in Indy as well. My son is an age out too. He's the first soloist in the ballad on the Mello. His 3rd year with Colts His twin is end marimba with Boston. I will be the mom bawling!!! Lol
  4. My wish is for Colts to pass Crossman, but I fear the gap is too much. It's just my hoping that my twins will both be on the field on finals night, this being their age out year.
  5. From The Drum Corps International Tour will return to Quincy, Massachusetts, Thursday, July 30, for the 2015 edition of theCYO Nationals Tribute. A dynamic lineup of World and All-Age Class corps is scheduled to perform at Veterans Memorial Stadium during this event that pays homage to the legendary CYO Nationals competition and performing drum corps of decades ago. Show was scheduled to start at 7:30pm. I'm not sure what time it actually did start. However, a shout out to my boys performing tonight!! Go Red Team!!! Eat Em up Boston!!! Listed in reverse order of performance Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA Troopers - Casper, WY Colts - Dubuque, IA Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA Oregon Crusaders - Portland, OR Crusaders Senior - Boston, MA The Muchachos - Manchester, NH Defenders - Rockland, MA
  6. I live in the town that has the Madhouse on Madison!!! (well a southwestern suburb) Also known as the house that Michael built!!
  7. It's an app. You use your Twitter name for it.
  8. My colts son marched one year alone. He skipped a year and decided to go back to colts for his last two. He didn't want to age out with a new corps. When my other one went away to college, one of his music professors is an aquaintance of Boston, and his high school drum line caption head does the sound for Boston. So he went that direction. And actually also this year is another set of twins that my boys went to school with that are marching two different corps. One playing trumpet for phantom and one in color guard for Carolina crown. Ironic that 2 sets of twins from the same high school are in 4 corps. Thanks for asking!! It's been fun keeping up with them, That's for sure!!
  9. Awe thanks!!! My son plays one during the ballad!!!! ❤️
  10. Back in 2008, when my boys started high school, a friend of theirs from band told them about this thing called drum corps. In 2009, my boys, started their DCI careers. Even their older brother marched with them that year. In a high school with about 1850 enrolled, they were the only 2. As their passion for the activity spread among their band, along with an awesome band director and a Cavalier guard alumni, the excitement of the activity grew. This year, not only are my 2 still in the activity, (aging out this year), but there are 5 other former marching band alumni marching in DCI. Between the 7 of them, Colts, Boston, Phantom, Crown, Cavies, and Madison. And someone thinks this is a dying activity. Just don't tell these awesome, talented kids pouring their heart and souls on the field.