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  • Birthday 12/10/1971

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    Sunrisers 1992-1998; Bridgemen 2009
  • Your Favorite All Time Corps Performance (Any)
    Cadets of Bergen County 1993
  • Your Favorite Drum Corps Season
    1997 DCA Finals retreat :)
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    Staten Island, New York
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    "Whoever said the truth shall set you free never set foot on a drum corps field." - Liz Duguay 8/23/06

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  1. I'm around, if anyone cares...

    1. LegalEagle50


      I care. I wasn't around tho. LOL

  2. I'm around, if anyone cares...

  3. I'd take away that hurt if I could sweetie

  4. Guess i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all...

  5. Drive In A Van & The Low Family. 'Nuff said...
  6. None for the Bushwackers and if there is...i've never heard it or heard *about* it...
  7. Ugh. That's why I said "that i've ever witnessed".
  8. Oh no...i'm certainly not insinuating that i've seen the old rivalries...just mentioning what I saw at that moment. I saw remnants of an old rivalry.
  9. Sunrisers/Bushwackers - biggest rivalry i've ever witnessed. When we came in 4th and Bush came in 5th @ 97 DCAs, our horn caption head made it a point to watch as they trooped us as they exited the field.
  10. Girl - that quote rocks. :)

  11. The fact you still have my quote in your Interests section cracks me up.

  12. Hey Terry, Happy Birthday!

    Ray Priester ( Sky Alumni)

  13. The Young Ones

    That's all I'm going to say...

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