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  1. I'm no lawyer--just a bored self-quarantiner. Thought this might be of interest to the people here who deal with this subject.
  2. Anyone know where Crown will be rehearsing in Allentown on Saturday?
  3. Hotel link is now up at
  4. I booked through Visit Indy/DCI around this time last year and paid $135/night for the Fairfield Inn & Suites on Wash. St., which was very walkable to Lucas Oil. Thought it was a pretty good price for the location (it was a refundable reservation).
  5. I saw GAIL Royer, Zingali, and Star of Indiana among other tombstones in the Academy graveyard.
  6. It was annoying last night. Buzzed in over the upper stands a few times during shows.
  7. As a (very well-remunerated) executive of a non-profit organization said to me years ago, "'non-profit' is a term of art in the tax code, not an operating philosophy."
  8. Actually 89 views per minute. Quite possible, given the 4000+ shares and the fact that lots of us can't stop playing it. I've probably played it a couple of dozen times already.
  9. If you have 3g or 4g (and can afford it) you'll do much better shutting down the wifi on Amtrak.
  10. Has anyone ever compiled a list of best/Top Ten Harloff/brass warmup video links?
  11. FWIW the broadcast was fine where I saw it. Better than fine: I've seen the last two or three, and this was the first one where they seemed to have the sound mostly figured out. The Cavaliers use of the marimbas blew me away. I've really liked their split runs in the past and love how they showcase them this year. It's good to see some outside-of-the-box thinking with the pit. The Cadets seemed to be on another level from the others corps in executing their show at this early point in the season. But I'm going to reserve judgment on the platform until I see it live. From the high-cam it seems
  12. Did anyone do an animation like this of last year's rotating cube? Now that I've finally spotted the 3-D effect, I wouldn't mind staring at last year's cube again in this format.
  13. Thanks! Not only did that help me to finally see it for the first time, it also made it easier to see the dirt!
  14. Bump. Re-reading early season show threads. This deserves an award for prescience.
  15. Interestingly, the bus company outlasted the corps.
  16. Question for all those who had no issues: Did any of you watch Crown on the high cam? It doesn't seem to exist. The high cam feed seems to have ended in the middle of the BD run.
  17. Has anybody managed to see Crown from the high cam? Mine cuts off in the middle of BD.
  18. According to the FAQ, the webcast lasts till 11:45 p.m. Encore's supposed to start at 11:25--so looks like the stream won't cut off till then.
  19. One possibility might be to provide the judges' tapes only for the winning captions at Finals, as extras on the DVD. So you would only hear what the brass judge had to say about the Jim Ott award-winner, etc. Those tapes, from finals, strictly for the caption winners, would presumably have very little by way of criticism, but would still be fascinating for us fans to hear.