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  1. When they were the Anaheim Kingsmen, everyone loved them--now that they're the Blue Devils.....well.......
  2. CT, Long time. I visited Ludwig in Indiana about two years ago with a new marching drum design for snares and bass drums--I wonder if they ripped it off and call it theirs now. Hope not. It was a well engineered drum designed by a drummer and a couple of structural engineers from Chicago that incorporated the shell with the rim--no more floating rim, no more 14 lb drums, no more formica sound and no ringing. Amazing. I will be interested to see what they come up with.......
  3. Phantom Crown Cadets Blue Devils Cavaliers Blue Stars Glassmen Santa Clara Boston Cubs Madison Spirit
  4. Nice plume placement, though I'm sure most people have felt like doing that to someone now and then...
  5. Fold, fold, diminish, fold.....I'm 3-0-1.....they were going to pay me NOT to join Madison.....
  6. Whoa--you better check out Belleville's uniforms from bitd.......Black Knights had some of the baddest unis around!
  7. I thought she was going to say "they're dusting off their sombreros" but said "skills" at the last second! Go Americanos!! Great press coverage......... edited for incorrect word use
  8. I'm sorry for your loss--thank you for your story. It made me feel better.
  9. Yeah, they bounced around with red, light blue, navy blue, and black.....since the first (official) American League game back in 1901 against the Cleveland Indians.....
  10. Hey Northern Thunder, do you have corps breakdowns for 1960, 1950, etc. how many and state by state? I hear tell there were a lot more than the 442 from '72.
  11. I'm all for it--the current two-tone jobbers never really did it. Looked like spokesmen for Lincoln automobiles. Phantom never won with their two-tone uni bitd either. Needs a red plume. Silver buckle. Cross straps. Something. They are going to tear it up this year and new unis will further them along. Like it did for SCV '73. We can only hope.
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