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  1. I am looking for a pair of tickets for semis and finals (will buy for all 3 nights if necessary). Would also consider buying more than 2 to get them. Would obviously prefer them to be together. Message me anytime. Thanks!
  2. I will buy them all please email me contact info asap and I will send money order immediately. Mike C. Mikelcc@msn.com
  3. Looking for 3-4 tickets for all 3 nights in Indy. Reply with section and price. Will use Paypal for safe secure transaction and include shipping costs. Safe travels everyone! Mike Mikelcc@msn.com
  4. Sent you an email. I will buy them all. Thanks!
  5. I am looking for 5, but will buy up to 8 tickets for quarters. Would like for them to be together as they are for family attending to watch a Trooper age out. Message me if you think you can help. Mike
  6. Greetings, Just thought I would post again my family's need for tickets for Indianapolis (My nephew is marching with Troopers). Looking for all 3 days (finals preferred). 2 sets of 4 seats. 8 tickets total. ( Want to try to get at least 4 together for now) Paying face value. Lower sections requested as my nephew is in the pit. Send me a message or call me with information. Thanks! LC 330-717-1870
  7. I have 4 tickets available for sale for the show in Akron this Friday, July 9th. Section 110, Row 17. If interested, we can meet up before the show at the gate. They are $22 each. Send me a message if interested. Be well!
  8. Greetings! My sisters son is in his age-out year with the Troopers pit, and... As expected, many family members want to go. So I thought her best chance of sitting them together and in decent seats is through this medium. She is in need of 8 tickets. 2 Groups of 4 would be great if they are out there. Also, not being picky, but the lower the better 100-200's (since he is in the pit). Send me a message if you can help. Thanks and have a great summer everyone!