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  1. Waiting for your stool-softener to take effect?? Have fun and enjoy this, Boston. Love the posts and the discussions.
  2. Portuguese has been spoken in Massachusetts/New England for over three hundred years. I find your comment offensive. Can you please give it a rest? Surely there are other threads you can spam.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAnrESi4x3M
  4. Brilliant hirings and business choices, Boston! Can't wait to see all those kids returning next year and see that staff in action. Don't let those whose tiny eggs got poached, the b##t-hurt, or the self-promoting and entitled ones pee on your parade...especially in this place. Happy 77th yr.'Saders and best to your deep-pocketed. very involved BOD and Alumni. Best wishes to all the Corps next year. Enjoy the ride.
  5. Thank you, Craiga. Spot on. From what I saw, those 'Giants' aged 17-21 are pretty awesome and very much worth retaining. To which, I commend the BAC/Inspire organization for their business acumen, support of donors, alums, and sponsors, and their open door (see social-media) policy of allowing ALL to express their concerns, best wishes, or questions directly to them without a chatroom filter. Ghost, I get your loyalty and generosity but your anger or frustration won't bring it home.. talk to them .Cheers BAC17 ...and Happy 50th SCV!
  6. Spectacular Finals' week, Boston. Congratulations to you all. Enjoy the peak-streak.:)
  7. They're not finished yet, we shall see. I like their odds and tendency to peak during Finals week. Cheers.
  8. Awesome show and design, SCV. Thanks for the drum corps and the goose-bumps. Best of luck for Finals.
  9. Brilliant work at Quincy. Congratulations to members and staff! Finally, all being healthy, scrubbing that puppy, and working those changes makes the home-stretch even more exciting. Well done, Boston! May your performance(s) be peak.
  10. Enjoying this commentary and constructive discourse...and a few laughs!! While I needn't go on about the passive-aggressives and the yearly 'drive-bys' by the usual suspects. Other threads notwithstanding; keyboard warriors do not my life fulfill. Best to BAC. Love their 2016 progression (new brass vid is awesome!) and their organizational growth and financial stability. Enjoy the final's push and congratulations to those strong, talented kids and staff; they know what is needed and what to do. Have a wonderful home stand and practice time. "Do it up!" Love seeing the old-timers, like BAC,
  11. Her talent and intensity are a joy to hear and watch. She's taking it very well and has had over 1.5 MILLION social media hits since this morning. All the best to her..she defines a "BAC".. Unclutch those pearls,