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  1. wow,,,,,seeing the Cadets with such an early start (relatively) is painful!
  2. Monday, July 1 Drums Across the Desert Corps Score The Academy 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 79.0 Cavaliers 2 Cavaliers 76.3 Santa Clara Vanguard 3 The Academy 68.0 Troopers 4 Troopers 65.7 Tuesday, July 2 Drum Corps: An American Tradition Corps Score The Cadets 1 Bluecoats 82.5 Bluecoats 2 Boston Crusaders 79.2 Boston Crusaders 3 The Cadets 77.0 Music City 4 Music City 65.6 Jersey Surf 5 Jersey Surf 64.0
  3. Monday, June 24 Drums on the Ohio Corps Score Boston Crusaders 1 Carolina Crown 73.8 Carolina Crown 2 Boston Crusaders 71.3 Blue Stars 3 Blue Stars 68.7 Crossmen 4 Crossmen 67.5 Phantom Regiment 5 Phantom Regiment 65.0 Spirit of Atlanta 6 Spirit of Atlanta 64.9 Music City 7 Music City 58.0 Tuesday, June 25 Summer Music Games in Cincinnati Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Bluecoats 73.6 Cadets 2 Cadets 70.1 Spirit of Atlanta 3 Spirit of Atlanta 67.0 Colts 4 Colts 65.1 Madison Scouts 5 Madison Scouts 65.0 Wednesday, June 26 Innovations in Brass: Pittsburgh Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Boston Crusaders 2 The Cadets 3 Spirit of Atlanta 4 Music City 5 Friday, June 28 DCI Central Indiana Corps Score Carolina Crown 1 Blue Stars 2 Crossmen 3 Phantom Regiment 4 Colts 5 Spirit of Atlanta 6 Madison Scouts 7 Saturday, June 29 East Coast Classic Corps Score Boston Crusaders 1 Bluecoats 2 Cadets 3 Music City 4 Sunday, June 30 Western Corps Connection Corps Score Blue Devils 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 Cavaliers 3 Blue Knights 4 Mandarins 5 Academy 6 Troopers 7 Pacific Crest 8 Genesis 9
  4. Hmmmm, well stated and thanks for the "1st person" insight. As someone who grew up in Columbus (graduated in 83') and have had a few friends in the OSU marching band it was always thought of as a true achievement to make the OSUMB. I never tried out so I have no insight in that regard. However, since then and after seeing many a drumcorps show, I have to agree, the lack of sound volume from OSUMB compared to top 12 Corps is startling. If I may add (and I'm not a horn guy I was a snare drummer in high school) the quality of sound from a top 12 DCI corps is distinctly better than OSUMB. As far as drumlines, OSU's is a 'B' level compared to a top 12 DCI drumline. Now, to counter my own opinion the purpose OSUMB and a DCI corps are unique. The only similarity is that they both want to entertain, but to uniquely difference audiences. I love them both in there own environment.
  5. Well, good evening. During the "season" I'm a regular reader but this is my first post and the above is (mostly) what prompted me to get into the mix. I am a proud (NCO) veteran of the United States Army and served 4 years on active duty. My father is a veteran of the Korean war. Who else am I? a conservative and a Christian. I still remember my first day of basic training when the sun was setting and 'retreat' started playing from every loud speaker on the base. We were commanded to stop, face the flag and salute. This was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. I was surrounded by hundreds of men and not a sound was heard save that blaring bugle. that was the proudest moment I have ever felt as an american. It's probably hard for you to understand, but that moment left an everlasting emotional imprint on me. That was the first moment when it became crystal clear to me that I was now training to fight for what that flag represents; partly the freedom for you and I or anyone else to write or say what they want (for the most part). That flag (then and still today) represents our country, the United States of America. From where I'm sitting, patriotism is,,,,,,patriotism. I'm not trying to make anyone else think a certain way about America because I might carry a flag, hang one outside my house, or show up to celebrate my father as he was arriving at the airport on an 'honor flight'. If you don't know what this is, Google it. I thinks its a very special thing that is being done to honor WWII and Korean veterans. These things are my way of showing my love for my country. I don't know why you feel the way you do per your post, but you have the right to say it whether I agree with it or not. In fact, I'm glad you shared your thoughts because that gave me an opportunity to share mine. thanks for reading.