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  1. Bluecoats deserved the win, though upsetting the same 3 corps trading all year and within tenths this week finished exactly the same 3 consecutive nights. I was calling out the results before each pick and got them all right. Yawn.
  2. Even with a difference that small I don't see a big shakeup occurring tomorrow. Maybe Crown passes BD. We're not going to see Crown win or Coats in 3rd even though it should be possible. Hell of a year! Can you recall when the top 3 were last within 0.5 after semis?
  3. It's too bad they are not offering a Finals only option this year. Was hoping they would come through with some kind of paid YouTube stream at the last minute
  4. The calendar is odd this year, usually Finals is in the teens of August. Plus, the lack of on-demand streaming has kept the activity tough to follow on a daily basis.
  5. If there's no on-demand, let's hope they post event lineups a week in advance, instead of the afternoon of the show on DCP
  6. The FN is not comparable to attending live events. You can't just add up the cost of tickets, gas, concessions, etc and promote a "savings" vs seeing a live performance. Unlike some major sports, an online stream for drum corps will never come close to the value of seeing a show live.
  7. Eh, NHL Gamecenter is the worst of the major sports streaming services (MLB, NBA, MLS). Support is nonexistent and the quality is not as solid. Time will tell though. Really hoping for external device support!
  8. I'll give DCI the benefit of the doubt...the new platform would really be exceptional if it could be used on Roku or Chromecast, and maybe we will have more reliable streams for the bigger events. I really wish they would open up Finals and stop treating it like a Mayweather fight. The hardcore DCP-type fans will never be dissuaded from seeing a live show if they are able to. The niche, hardcore fans that want to watch a Tuesday night feed from Duncie, Oklabraska in June will pay for it regardless. Finals however, should be about as many eyeballs as possible on their best, most mainstream product. $10 Finals stream on YouTube to tap into all the future DCI market (music students) across the country. There is still a segment of the population that thinks a low-cost Finals will deter attendance. What will it take to change this way of looking at it?
  9. Meh, can't help but feel like I'm getting less for more cost, even with Finals included. I love the "36 cents per performance!" lol, does anyone think in terms like that?
  10. Especially for the FN. I would suspect the main point of contact for most DCI fans is the FN. Unless you are in a region with many shows, most fans probably go to 0, 1, or 2 shows per year, plus the occasional regional or national championship.
  11. - Offer mobile streaming/app, or Chromecast and Roku support. The mobile streaming this year doesn't work on the majority of devices. - Drastically reduce price of Finals - Add commentary for some of the larger events
  12. Fan Network was advertised for mobile in 2014, however still requires Flash Player. Both iOS and Android no longer support flash. Has anyone gotten this to work? What's the point if it won't operate on 90% of mobile devices?
  13. The initial release said you could view more easily on mobile devices this year. Is that true? Where's the app?
  14. I would love to see a simple Chromecast or Roku app instead of the complicated PC connections I use now. Even just the live events is fine :)