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    1986 DCA finals
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    Reading a good book,working out,and vacationing in Racine.

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  1. I saw the Kilts on Aug 15. They looked good then but of what I heard(I was not at DCA) they wowed the crowd. Could it be that they "peaked" a little early? Just a thought. Not flaming.
  2. New Berlin WI. MBI and the Spirit of 76 competed at a county fair on 4 July for about 5-6 yrs. A regular grassy meadow. In Jr Corps, anywhere in the UP of Michigan.
  3. Very proud of MBI. I marched in the first MBI corps to make DCA Finals in 1986.
  4. Thanks Eric for the update. It is a perfect drum corps day here also in MN. Chico
  5. Jeff: Are you near Reading? Do they still brew Reading Premium ?
  6. Special Export= Green Death. A popular barley soda from my MBI days.
  7. Pat: Ya gonna have Iron City? Old Frothingsloth(?),Chesterfield Ale?,etc. Or how about Old Milwaukee? Krauesing?
  8. I would like MBI's horn line playing "The Unknown Soldier" by the Doors for my funeral mass.
  9. Brian: The St.Paul Drum & Bugle Corps made a commerical for Shakey's Pizza in 1974? which aired around the Twin City area. Chico
  10. Best thing to do.........see what happens after prelims then make your opinion.
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