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  1. Using the college comparison for the last 35 years (since 1980) makes more sense: 21 schools represent 39 national champs over that time (some multi-champ years) 128 schools in the FBS or division I That means roughly 16% of the schools in the FBS have won all of the championships If you take it back to 1936-present, 30 schools in the FBS have won championships, or 23.4% (assuming 128 schools, which is too many for the early years) Using the original post, if 4 corps represented all the championships (which they don't) and we use 25 corps as the total participating (we have less now), tha
  2. Guess it depends on the instructors. Cadets buzz a lot at the beginning of every brass warmup.
  3. Don't know about the equal sized steps thing for all sets. When my daughter was a 17-yr old rookie, she had one set that required her to march backwards at about a 30% angle to her right to get to the next dot. When they were learning the set without instruments the first time, she went in a straight line with equal sized steps, and barely made it without colliding with anyone, but it was close with a couple of other marchers. During the adjustment, one of the vets turned to her and said, "Sweetie. We're tubas. You better find a different route, 'cause you won't make it through with horns
  4. Here's another. Read this over in the review section, posted by PersonalBias at the Charlotte show TOC Charlotte - complete post I took a three year absence from 15 years of successive drum corps as I had to come to terms with amplification. I returned to my first show, Charlotte, this time with my 8yo daughter. This was her first exposure beyond you-tube and dvd's. As with any generation, first hand experience with a drum corps event such as a show with the magnitude of this line-up can not be over-stated . . . Cadets. Christmas music, yep in July. This show was electric and the crowd ap
  5. Completely agree. Doing DC makes them hard. People bashing the shows or the activity in general bother me more that it bothers my kid (I mean daughter that is a MM). Just giving my perspective on maybe why people use that phrase as justification.
  6. I think we use the term "kids" because for the vast majority of the posters here, the marching members are younger than us. And for some (myself included), the discussions concern specifically what their children are doing, while working their butts off in extreme conditions, and paying high prices to boot. Maybe we should replace "they're just kids" with "they're just MMs". Would that make more sense? The MMs have no say in the program and design choices. Their task is to perform the show to the best of their ability according to the wishes of the staff. IMHO, the majority of the compla
  7. My wife, son and I did this last year. Allentown, Meadowlands, Canton, and then Indy, driving our own car while volunteering on the food truck. Mostly stayed in hotels near the show sites and caught some ZZZ's after shows before catching up with the convoy in time for lunch prep. It was exhausting, disorienting, and totally and completely worth it. The storm in Canton last year was wild, especially when we had to go into the school with 2 or 3 corps to try and ride it out. Some smells cannot be un-smelled. Good luck and have a great time.
  8. Texts every couple of days, calls once a week or less. She tweets a couple times a week and posts on FB less than once a week. Most of the calls are at 0730 in the AM when they're not getting floor time, but have an hour or so before breakfast. Much easier to talk to her when everyone else is asleep. Called once last year after a show and 30 seconds in she shouted, "GOTTA GO. BUS WAR JUST STARTED."
  9. Question. I'm a little confused about precicesly what the word "clean" means in this context. What part of the captions does that apply to? Are we looking at the Visual and Music categories under the 'Excl', 'Ach', 'Tech', etc numbers? Or is it something else? Is it how straight the lines are and the precision of the curves in forms? Diagonals? Feet timing? All of the above? Just curious if the opinions here match how judges score, which is not often the case.
  10. Not this year. The Cadets will be housed in NJ, rehearsing at the Meadowlands and making the long drive in. Not sure who gets the stadium for rehearsal. Here's The Cadets preliminary schedule for Saturday. Looks like a brutal day. 6:00 am -- Wake up and pack 6:45 am -- Depart for Met Life 8:15 am -- Arrive, breakfast, unload 9:45 am -- The Day 9:55 am – Stretch & Run 10:30am -- Visual 12:30pm -- Lunch 1:00 pm -- Sectionals 2:30 pm -- Set up 2:45 pm -- Ensemble 4:15 pm -- Showers, food and load up 5:45 pm -- Travel to Allentown --- a bit of snack 7:45 pm -- Arrival a
  11. Whoops, my bad. Guess I should check dates on tweets before posting pics. Thanks for the catch and clarification.
  12. Because they finished in the top 8 last year and Blue Stars didn't.
  13. Not a number, but a pic from Cadets twitter feed Cadets twitter pic And I haven't been this year so I don't know what's going on now, but last year at the Meadowlands, they had small ensembles performing outside where souvies and concessions were between shows. Tough to experience when you're waiting for the next corps or watching an instant encore, but I get the idea.
  14. If you want to give examples of what's wrong with DC, you have to be able to accept examples of that very thing not causing a problem in other activities. Don't expect your examples to be the only valid ones. And we really need to leave pro sports out of this. Yes, DCI is called the "major leagues", but that's a matter of semantics. The better comparisons are with collegiate sports since the participants have a limited window to participate, can go wherever they want, there is no draft, salary cap, revenue sharing, parity concerns, etc. But to even compare it to a sport is silly. DC is
  15. Saw this and it made me late for work. So worth it.