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  1. Congratulations and Good Luck to you both. You have one heck of a task in front of you.
  2. Reading not coming out in 2021 just might be a good thing. Gives them the opportunity to really look at which direction the organization should be heading.
  3. When we finally do come out from under this pandemic cloud, ALL of Drum Corps is going to struggle a little to get back to normal. It was mentioned that DCA Leadership may end up doing other things to occupy their time and it's more than likely that many members from Corps in DCA will do the same. You are correct. DCA as we know it it dead. That being said I do believe that if DCI were to take on All-Age and grow the product it could work. DCI would have no strict timeline to go follow. Because it's under DCI's umbrella they might be able to sell the idea of All-Age to member DCI Corps. An excellent way to keep age-outs engaged. I also see a way for DCI to grow DCI Championships by making it an entire week of all Drum Corps activity represented. Everyone comes to Indianapolis. Something for everyone and DCI counts the money. Yes, it will start out small I'm sure but has the potential to grow into something real special.
  4. Perhaps Drum Corps, Jr. and All-Age should be under one governing body. Couldn't hurt.
  5. What COVID has done is make most of us do a total reset. Starting over for some will not be as easy as it may be for others. That is where the challenges will come for DCA when they try and reorganize. I just don't see there being enough interest to wanting to be a weekend warrior when you are looking at putting your Family back to normal. When I started this topic I was feeling optimistic about some form of DCA coming out. I'm not so sure I feel that way anymore. Hopefully there will be some forward thinking people who can put a plan together to keep DCA alive. There are a lot of us still here who have fond memories of DCA as performers and made life long friendships. Just hearing the words, 'DCA is Dead' is so sad.
  6. I don't get on Facebook that often. Did not see anything on their website indicating Reading not coming out in 2021. However, as you say, if you don't have your own facility and must rely on schools you're in a pickle.
  7. In this world of COVID as it relates to All-Age Drum Corps, I don't see an easy path on a return to a competitive environment. Has anyone given any thought on how that can happen? This has caused some real life changing events that quite frankly makes one prioritize what they've done in years past a whole lot differently.
  8. As long as the rankings are correct I can live with all of what you said.
  9. I am hoping to see this get tighter as we get close to the end of the season. Can't use this show as a true barometer. Hawthorne at home will always see things close in all captions. Has to be on a neutral field. How about coming out here to Arizona where no one knows about the Buccaneers, Caballeros, Fusion Corps. etc.etc..etc....lol
  10. I don't really have a preference who wins the show. The real winner is DCA and the fans for sticking with the organization over the past few years. I'm happy to see the level of competition come up with ALL the corps and I'm especially happy to see the Skyliners back in the mix. Hope to see many of my friends there on Sunday at finals. Good Luck to all the corps at prelims. Make us proud. I'll try to bring some sunshine with me.....lol
  11. I know John will do his part. Now I will do mine. Prayers are on the way.
  12. You are right on point with Gene and Uncle Nick Fran. Gene is a great inspiration to me in this activity and everything I am in Drum Corps I owe to Gene Bennett and Barry Swain. Uncle Nick was so special and always looked for my brothers and I whenever we came off the field during my time in the Reading Buccaneers. I miss him a lot.
  13. The following is from an article posted on the African Americans In Drum Corps site on facebook. Thomas L. Brown did the research behind the article and wrote it. I am happy to re-post the article over here for all to read. Enjoy our history in Drum Corps. In 1957, the George Washington Carver Gay Blades, an African American senior drum and bugle corps; were formed as The Masonics out of the Prince Hall Masonic Temple, Belmont Ave., Newark, NJ. Their original 27 horns and 7 drums, won the first contest that they entered. In the late 50's, the name of the corps was changed to the George Washington Carver Gay Blades, sponsored by the Washington Carver Chapter, Order of Pythagorean, P.H.A. Newark, NJ. The Carver Gay Blades won championships in both the Yankee and Northeastern Circuits. In 1959, they were undefeated in the Yankee Circuit and were champions in both the Yankee and Northeastern Circuits. In 1960, they repeated as champions in the Northeastern Circuit. By the mid sixties, the Carver Gay Blades were faced with dwindling membership and soon out of existence. However, in their brief tenure, the Carver Gay Blades managed to: win their first show, win multiple circuit championships, go undefeated in the Yankee Circuit and gain the love, respect and admiration of both the Newark and drum corps communities. And boy could they swing and they were rocking the timbales, with a harness, long before others caught on to the concept (see photo). Business Manager: Joseph Tucker Members (partial): Drum Major: Charles Hampton; Color Guard Captains: Thomas Drummond and Charles Davis; James F Jordan, Cliff Humphrey, Hubert McQueen, Charlie Hampton, Burnell "Big Man" Henry, Dave Blocker, Walter Caldwell, Sonny White, John & Jerome Cherry, Woody Shaw, Ray Dandridge, Dr Gene Grant, Joe 'Red' McDonald, Henry Grant, Eugene Bennett, Roy Dandrige Jr (father in Negro Baseball Hall of Fame) and Roland Casey. Instructors (partial): Victor Casella, Dominic DelRa, Hugo Evarelli, Frank Luke (drums), and William Carrig (drill) Repertoires (partial): 1962 - Theme from Samson and Delilah, King of Kings, Sincerely, Temptation (from Singin' In the Rain), Sweets for my Sweet, Rock Around the Clock, Keep Your Sunny Side Up (from Good News!), To the Ends of the Earth. 1963 - Sweets for my Sweet, Miserlou, Temptation (from Singin' In the Rain), What Kind Of Fool Am I (from Stop The World I Want To Get Off!). I loved me some 'Sweets for my sweet!' Yankee Circuit Champions 1959, 1961 and Northeastern Circuit Champions 1959 & 1960. 3 September 1959 - Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA 1 85.630 George Washington Carver Gay Blades, Newark, NJ 2 85.420 Interstatesmen, Troy, New York & Pittsfield, MA 3 84.750 Amboy Dukes, Perth Amboy, NJ 4 83.160 Springfield Marksmen, Springfield, MA 5 80.310 Connecticut Hurricanes, Shelton, CT 6 78.370 Colonial Cavaliers, Port Ewen, NY 7 75.950 Sunrisers, Long Island, NY 8 73.800 Fitchburg Kingsmen, Fitchburg, MA 4 September 1960 - Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA 1 80.780 George Washington Carver Gay Blades, Newark, NJ 2 80.730 Interstatesmen, Troy, NY & Pittsfield, MA 3 80.260 Springfield Marksmen, Springfield, MA 4 78.610 Connecticut Hurricanes, Shelton, CT 5 78.400 Criterions, Newburgh, NY 6 77.850 Amboy Dukes, Perth Amboy, NJ 7 74.710 Sunrisers, Long Island, NY 8 71.160 Fitchburg Kingsmen, Fitchburg, MA 15 September 1961 - Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA - 3rd 83.28 2 September 1962 - Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA - 4th 83.830 1 September 1963 - Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA - 2nd 83.290 15 September 1963 - World Open Finals at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ 1 87.033 New York Skyliners, New York, NY 2 83.483 Reading Buccaneers, Reading, PA 3 80.850 Syracuse Brigadiers, Syracuse, NY 4 80.766 Sunrisers, Long Island, NY 5 77.900 Pittsburgh Rockets, Pittsburg, PA 6 77.150 George Washington Carver 'Gay Blades,' Newark, NJ 6 77.150 Springfield Marksmen, Springfield, MA 8 76.583 Amboy Dukes, Perth Amboy, NJ 9 50.663 Keesler Air Force Base Blue Knights, Biloxi, MS 6 September 1664 Northeastern Circuit Championships - Agawam, MA 4th 76.680 Disclaimer: The info above is only as accurate as its source material.
  14. Looking forward to a very competitive All-Age Drum Corps season. I think there are a few corps out there that can make a serious run at the title. Just take care of your business and not worry about corps around you.
  15. I have not seen enough to make a prediction on scores or any ranking except for maybe the top four or five. What I can say is it will be one of the better DCA weekends in a long time. With a little luck I may even be in attendance for prelims or finals. Can't make both but hopefully one of them. Here are my top four finishers: Buccaneers Cabs Hurcs MBI Good Luck to ALL the corps this weekend and lets get some of those inactive corps back on the field.
  16. I think a few corps will listen to what the fans have been saying about entertainment and revisit some of the things that got them to where they are today. Be careful what you wish for. Based on what I just stated here is how I see 2013 DCI Finals: 1. Blue Devils 2. Carolina Crown 3. Santa Clara Vanguard 4. Phantom Regiment 5. Cadets of Allentown 6. Blue Coats 7. Cavaliers 8. Boston Crusaders 9. Madison Scouts 10.Blue Knights 11.Crossmen 12.Spirit of Atlanta
  17. DCA Championships tonight!

    1. downtown


      No excuses for any corps that leaves the best performance on the practice field. BRING IT ALL ON THE FIELD WITH YOU. Tomorrow doesn't count. Just a long ride home thinking I should have done this or should have done that. To the corps taking the field tonight........Just Have Fun and give us a finals to remember!

  18. Hello Drum Corps Family. I will become a regular visitor to the site in time. Stay tuned. Downtown will have plenty to say.

  19. Just hoping for a fantastic finish. May the best corps win.
  20. I enjoyed your non-biased approach to the review Jeff. Very professional.
  21. You need more corps that are as competitive as the Buccaneers and MBI to really have a shot at beating the Bucs. Without that it's extremely difficult to unseat them. Not impossible, just difficult.
  22. Getting in this thread a bit late but unless the Buccaneers decide to leave the planet anytime soon you're really picking who is number two on down.
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