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  1. Does anyone in the know if DCI or specific corps applied for and received a loan via the Paycheck Protection Program?
  2. FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT! (always believed in you Jeff) Seems that a bunch of Boomers and Millennials dont understand that a lot of alumni in recent years are now speaking out on their trash experiences in the activity. Some have felt bullied and even threatened because of what they want to be identified as, while others are calling out BS back of the bus hazing traditions. They want to change the activity to be 100% safe and inclusive. Cadets put this new release out after getting trashed on social media for putting a post out during pride month that some members felt was BS fluff.
  3. I know the tour is three months away and this pandemic might be well over by then. But what if for some reason DCI has to reduce or even cancel tour for 2020. Will they be able to issue refunds and more importantly will they have the resources to stay a float with a lost season.
  4. Now that Cadets is essentially breaking away from YEA!, I wonder if Varsity Spirit will attempt to acquire US Bands. đź‘€
  5. Hello, they started processing them today. A little later than usual but people should be getting email confirmations shortly.
  6. fwiw, this could have happened at any corps, the ladder slipped and he took a bad fall. This seems like a common injury lawsuit, people will give depositions and a settlement will be reached. Not much to see here folks.
  7. I co-sign this post. Fiedler didn’t leave SCV until after the 2015 season. I remember vividly seeing him at Championships that year.
  8. this package is no longer available, mods please look or delete thread. thanks
  9. If that says "The End is Near" and the hand reaching to the heavens, I can only assume they're doing a show either based on the end of days (book of revelation in the bible) OR maybe they're going to do a program based off the HBO series The Leftovers. Im kind of hoping for the latter.
  10. He had an uneventful pretrial last week. His trial begins in late July, week of 7/29.
  11. A tweet from Tricia Nadolny; https://twitter.com/tricianadolny/status/1057702541423710208?s=21
  12. It is finally done. https://www.dci.org/news/dci-membership-removes-george-hopkins-from-hall-of-fame
  13. If I remember correctly, this was announced before the season started. He was moving on to better opportunities.