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  1. Yes I do, thank you so much Mr. Boo, I greatly appreciate your help!
  2. Unfortunately, walking around downtown Indianapolis today, I seem to have misplaced my Finals ticket that was for Section 139 Row 23 Seat 8 or 9 (My friend and I bought the tickets together, I can't remember which one I have for tonight). Does anyone know what I can do about this? I know DCI's box office is closed today, I was thinking about maybe buying another ticket for tonight. If anyone has any advice, that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey Farva, what's the name of that place you like with the mozzarella sticks, and all the #### on the walls?
  4. I'm sorry that much of a point swing IN ONE NIGHT between 1-2 and 7-8 is ludicrous. Not saying that I like one set of scores better than the other but how is that possible?
  5. No no no. All of you have it wrong. It's Turan-DA-DA.
  6. I see your point but shouldn't we be happy that our art has risen to the point of complexity that some background information is necessary to fully experience the show? Take, for example, an audience listening to one of Mahler's symphonies. If taken at purely topical value, it is beautiful writing, but for me anyway, the true message is not as clear. After reading some well-researched information about the piece, I feel that I can really hear it for the first time once I understand the composer's mood and intentions in his musical story-telling. Thus, maybe if BD provided some background i
  7. Show concept- BD,SCV Music-Carolina,PR,SCV,BD Visual-BD,Carolina, Madison (Great Gate) Percussion-BD, SCV, Bloo Guard-PR, Carolina Overall BD for me has to gone to a new level design wise. I used to hate these artistic shows they started doing a few years ago, but if you actually are inquisitive about the meaning behind the show, even if you can't fully grasp it, it is much different from what anyone else is doing. If anyone is having trouble understanding this year's show, I would recommend listening to the Marching Round Table podcast with David Gibbs. Here's their website if anyon
  8. Hey everyone, just wanted to thank everyone for your encouragement. Last weekend I went to the audition camp for Tampa Bay Thunder, a newer DCA corps based in my area. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm thinking that I want to march with them next summer. Just thought I'd update those asking about what I decided to do, but I can thank you all enough for giving me good advice. It's nice to have a community like this one for our activity.
  9. Thanks everyone for your opinions, I appreciate the input. After PMing a couple people on DCP as well as speaking to some MMs from recent years, I have decided that I am going to try to learn a brass instrument (haven't decided which yet). As to the comments about brass methods classes, I go to Florida State, and unfortunately they do not let us start those classes until Junior year. I do, however, have many brass friends I will no doubt be consulting and begging for help! I am going to try to start this week and my goal is going to be 1-2 hours a day, hopefully 2. (That may require me
  10. I'm starting this topic because this seems to be the best place to come for help on audition questions. I'll cut right to the chase. I am a woodwind player and a Music Ed major who does not have time to learn Brass. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drum Corps and I keep going back and forth about finding some possible way to march. I don't have any restrictions on where I go, Open or World, and I have no monetary issues. I was thinking that maybe there is some possibility that I could be a conductor. I have experience in high school, being in a leadership position for 3 years, including being Drum M
  11. Cadets- 2000 BD- 1995 Cavies- 2002 Crown- 2009 Phantom- 1993 SCV- 1989 Bluecoats- 2010 BAC- 2000 Madison- 1988 BK- 2011 Blue Stars- 2008 Spirit- 1980
  12. I think you are definitely on to something there. I know while I was in high school, I let whoever was interested in it use my FN account for the same reasons you are stating. It has driven more interest towards DCI, along with the fact that our director marched. I think we would see a drastic jump in FN subscribers if a lower price option was offered.
  13. Not to take anything away from both Crown caption heads that resigned, but is it possible they were asked to leave? Looking at the score sheets, CG and Percussion haven't exactly been their strong suit recently. Again, not hating on those two CH but does anyone know if these were truly resignations or not? If they were not resignations, that's an interesting decision on the part of CC's management.
  14. Sounds like a great concept if it were fine-tuned properly. My only concern would be that the video and audio quality would have to be extremely high quality in order to properly be judged. If corps were to set it up so that there are a set of cameras that the percussion judge watched, one for visual ensemble, etc etc. Also would be hard to know how to judge these scores against shows that are judged live. Props to you on a cool idea though