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  1. The problem we have with recruiting high school and college age members is that they can't go to DCA Championships without making a choice of band camps, classes or going to DCA. In my experience with local band teachers/directors, about 40% of them don't want anything to do with drum corps but most are receptive or sympathetic to our cause. Instead of offering a discount to students, why not offer one to educators? I know they are very busy that time of year but I'm sure some would take advantage of it. Perhaps many of the local teachers would be willing to bring students who show an interest
  2. The Standish Guards of Plymouth, MA is looking for a volunteer brass instructor to help us build our horn line this summer. This could turn into a permanent paid position in the future. We have a competitive percussion ensemble that has been very active the past 5 years and there are a number of local horn players waiting in the wings. Lots of new ideas just waiting to be tried and we are very open to new things. Charts and instruments available with more on the way. Currently competing in DCA, BHoF and now with SDCA. Easy and fun with a low weekly commitment. Help us bring a full corps to Ply
  3. The Standish Guards is looking for brass players in the Plymouth, MA area to join with our percussion ensemble to help build a competitive corps for 2015. You have seen our drumline compete in DCA, Bugler's Hall of Fame and now with SDCA and you know that we are commited to participating in these competitions. You can choose one of two seasons, winter/spring or summer/fall or do both. We are a fun group looking to play new and different songs and try new things but we need a dedicated horn line to make this happen. We have horns, uniforms, a great place to practice and all we need is you. Expe
  4. The Standish Guards of Plymouth, MA is looking for new members for it's 2014 season. In addition to competitions we have been asked to perform at a number of historic events and parades in the area. Brass, percussion and color guard are all welcome. We have been competing as a percussion ensemble for the past few seasons are more than ready to make to the jump to a full corps. We have equipment inculuding a ful battery of drum and a growing inventory of horns. Whether you're an experienced performer or new to the game, we have an easy schedule with fun songs and maybe a few new ideas to try. P
  5. The Standish Guards of Plymouth, MA, a small but growing corps, is looking for a volunteer color guard instructor for 2013. We have long term goals of bringing a competitive field corps with some new and different ideas. If you live near Plymouth county please feel free to contact me. Dennis O'Neill, Director, Standish Guards Inc. 781-217-5730
  6. The Standish Guards of Plymouth would like to invite any brass players in the area to come on down January 29th, who would like to help out a growing corps to compete in two Bugler's Hall of Fame shows. We have an instructor and a few committed players to go along with our growing drum line and need a few more to compete as a mini corps for these shows. If you are an experienced player, then you only need to come to a few practices to run over the songs. The songs are fairly easy, fun and the main goal is to be able to perform. We have some new and used horns ready to go and will be purchasing
  7. The Standish Guards of Plymouth, will be hosting their annual Open House, Sunday May 20, 1pm at the VFW Post 1822, 22 Seven Hills Rd. Plymouth, MA, 02360. There will be performances, refreshments, try outs and maybe a drum battle or two plus more. Even though we are a small group, we are growing, are determined to compete, have been purchasing new horns, have aquired more percussion and most important; we will be going to Annapolis for DCA! Our goals are simple, to compete whenever we can, play great music as best we can and of course have fun doing so. So if you are in the Plymouth area come
  8. Thanks everyone for all your help. Very informative! Dennis Standish Guards
  9. I have a small start up corps here in Plymouth. Being a drummer for almost 40 years I know minimal about brass instruments. As we are gathering funds for purchasing horns, is there a difference in the sound if the finish is sivler plate, nickel, chrome or brass lacquer? Have any corps fielded brass lacquer finish? thanks, Dennis Standish Guards
  10. The Standish Guards of Plymouth, MA is looking for more brass players for the Buglers Hall of Fame show in April. We have an instructor, are purchasing horns, (if you have your own that would be a big help!) charts for 2 songs and a drumline that's eager to play. We need 7-8 more and we will be able to perform our first performance as a mini-corps. If you live near Plymouth we will be practicing Thursday evenings at the Plymouth Community Intermediate School, 117 Long Pond Rd. from 7pm-8:30. Percussion and Color Guard always welcome. Dennis O'Neill Director Standish Guards Inc. standishgua
  11. A great show last year and the Standish Guards percussion ensemble and individuals will be there again this year. Looking foward to it! Dennis O'Neill Director Standish Guards
  12. The Standish Guards Drum and Bugle Corps of Plymouth, MA is proud to announce Andy Shaw as our new brass instructor for 2012. Andy is a graduate of Bridgewater State University and works for the Plymouth Schools as a music teacher. We are currently raising funds for more horn purchases and recruiting anyone, any age or experience, to give us a try. Our goal is to have enough members for a mini-corps, play good songs and have fun. As I have stated before, we intend to compete, no matter how many members we have and we will be going to Annapolis. Also our percussion section will be competing
  13. We had a great time last year and wouldn't miss it! Our percussion ensemble has been working very hard and for some of our drummers this will be their very first taste of competition. Good luck everyone! Dennis O'Neill Standish Guards
  14. Good luck Centurions in 2012! Dennis Standish Guards, Plymouth, MA
  15. Get well soon from all of us here in Plymouth. Dennis O'Neill Standish Guards