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  1. 2013 did I know. And there’s gotta be others I’m sure.
  2. Pacific Crest is in unique company as only the 3rd 14th place corps to break 85 with their 85.35. 2008 Colts with “Night and Day” scored 85.175 and the 1988 Crossmen scored 85.6.
  3. Why not both? They both satisfy completely different things for me. Blue Devils in their incredibly sophisticated themes and presentations paired with impeccable visual performance and Bluecoats in their incredible energy as performers and wildly entertaining shows. If this year has shown me anything, it’s that you do a show based completely on popular music or a really sophisticated theme and it doesn’t matter. It’s just how you do what you do, and can both be successful.
  4. I started following the whole season in 2010. My 10th season as a fan and at the end of the decade, this has turned into one of my favorites. From Open Class finals and Spartans championship, to an amazing set of 13th - 25th place performances from Jersey Surf and Pacific Crest among others, to an incredible top twelve, six, and two. Like said above, I hope all corps have their best run tonight. I would like it if certain corps end up in certain placements, but not at the expense of another corps having a bad run in the final day. In 2029 I’m sure I’ll be looking back on so many shows and moments from this season. So sad it’s over tonight, but what an amazing season it has been. Edit - I know it wasn’t Spartans first championship and yet I typed it. 😳
  5. If there is a corps I wouldn't want to follow, it's the Bluecoats. If there is a corps that can do it, it's the Blue Devils. Tomorrow is going to come down to who has the better run.
  6. Congratulations! Tomorrow is gonna be fun. :)
  7. Congratulations Blue Devils, I'm not shocked tonight. Bluecoats, you know what to do tomorrow.
  8. LOVE YOU SPARTANS! Keep it up!!! Closer is a barn burner. Congrats on your WELL EARNED championship!
  9. Spartans trombone soloist is one of the best this year. Always nice to hear one that doesn’t rely on “LOOK AT THE SLIDEY BOIS I CAN DO WITH THIS”.
  10. Shoutout to the male guard soloist. He kicked ### and took names this last week.
  11. I am in total love for 90% of that show, through the ballad it’s as good as anything they’ve ever done. The closer just feels like a first draft to me still.