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  1. Congratulations! Tomorrow is gonna be fun. :)
  2. Congratulations Blue Devils, I'm not shocked tonight. Bluecoats, you know what to do tomorrow.
  3. LOVE YOU SPARTANS! Keep it up!!! Closer is a barn burner. Congrats on your WELL EARNED championship!
  4. Spartans trombone soloist is one of the best this year. Always nice to hear one that doesn’t rely on “LOOK AT THE SLIDEY BOIS I CAN DO WITH THIS”.
  5. Shoutout to the male guard soloist. He kicked ### and took names this last week.
  6. Still a bigger crowd than 1.5 hours plus before finals starts.
  7. I am in total love for 90% of that show, through the ballad it’s as good as anything they’ve ever done. The closer just feels like a first draft to me still.
  8. Brass has improved a ton. Just a few blips every now and then.
  9. I might agree with you until the closer. Or at least it woulda been a lot closer.
  10. holy #### rifles and that 2nd word don’t start with an s 😳
  11. I love seeing staff get excited like that.
  12. Man. Watching this weekend has made me miss last summer a ton. Feeling a void that got filled last summer big time. 😞