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  1. I am in total love for 90% of that show, through the ballad it’s as good as anything they’ve ever done. The closer just feels like a first draft to me still.
  2. I might agree with you until the closer. Or at least it woulda been a lot closer.
  3. I love seeing staff get excited like that.
  4. Man. Watching this weekend has made me miss last summer a ton. Feeling a void that got filled last summer big time. 😞
  5. Shoutout to the Cavaliers timpani player. He’s been a beast the last few years.
  6. As much as I’ve been talking about the brass, the drums are SO clear and the colorguard is so insane again this year.
  7. This brassline might be contending for an Ott a year from now if they keep this up. 😳
  8. Glad he apologized. Might want to have some questions on his mind next time though, they've been really awkward all night.
  9. Maybe a little more than that. 😂 I have heard the number 11 is very in right now.
  10. I know it’s been said, but Cadets need a simple, non issue related theme that they do to the nth degree. Just pick something fun and simple that can be executed as a design and performance wise.
  11. The screamers over the end of the ballad......idk how those have stayed in.
  12. I don’t hate any shows. I enjoy a lot of moments in Cadets show. The opener is very majestic. Estancia is VERY exciting and would have worked great if it was the drum feature. The members are really trying to sell it. And their drumline is worth the price of admission to watch. Just hits some major speed bumps when it hits the ballad and another extended drum feature after that.