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  1. They better, I put them taking it on a Predictions competition. I get a t-shirt if I win. And I WANT MY T-SHIRT!
  2. Or maybe Boston is good? Ever consider that? They did after all beat Phantom last year.
  3. I like your top 12. That's about what I would do.
  4. What is said in the other post makes sense, thanks for fixing the problem. Just thought I would get it out there. Wasn't trying to be pushy in any way.
  5. I was watching Blue Knights show on the fan network and when the audio stopped, the drill kept going, and going, and going for about 14 seconds. Kind of annoying.
  6. I didn't say would, I said I would like. I don't see it happening either, just a personal opinion.
  7. I don't know how many times I just watched that on the fan network. I would LOVE for them to pass Cavaliers. That's my favorite show form this season hands down!
  8. I bet there's not too many people that want GMen to beat Madison, but I'm one of them also.
  9. 4 in this one, and 3 in the other 2. Don't ask. Plus I-Tunes and windows movie maker.
  10. I'm also loving the show, it's definitely one of my favorites so far.
  11. I feel ######## now. Thanks for setting me straight.
  12. Mountain time zone is 1 hour behind central (here) so it's about 8:45 there.
  13. Considering it started over an hour ago there should be. I don't know though.
  14. No actual placements, but my thoughts on what I've seen so far. Blue Knights-I think they are stepping in the right direction, I think it could be top 10 quality, Nimrod is BEAUTIFUL! Crown-Strong show all around, definitely a contender for first, top 3 for sure. Cadets-Strong show as well, anywhere from 3-5. Cavaliers-If they get it cleaned up, top 5. If not, 6-7. Teal-Good show for first year in world, semis potential, not digging the whole rock band thing though.
  15. It will be nice when all the corps go up against each other so we can actually see what's going on.
  16. Academy 64.80 Troopers 65.20 BK 66.90 Those do seem REALLY low.