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  1. I agree, it's great, the last minute is pretty powerful.
  2. I'm not making any actual predictions, but here's my thoughts. Crown will still be ahead, or taken over by Cadets BARLEY. Cadets could jump Crown, or close it up a little. Phantom has good program but dirty, Bluecoats beat them. Bluecoats have a strong show in most captions. Good drum line, could get close to the top 2 if clean enough. Glassmen surprise us with a pretty good show, anywhere from a 3-6 point gap between bluecoats. Spirit about 2-3 behind glassmen. Teal closes up the gap to about 4-5 points.
  3. I'm not a fan of the show, yet. I'm sure when they get it cleaned up, I'll enjoy it more. I wouldn't really call 4th to 5th in trouble. Just think, that there are 18 corps that would want to have that spot.
  4. 1. Crown 2. BD 3. SCv 4. Cadets 5. Bluecoats/Blue Stars/Cavaliers/Phantom/Boston 6. Bluecoats/Blue Stars/Cavaliers/Phantom/Boston 7. Bluecoats/Blue Stars/Cavaliers/Phantom/Boston 8. Bluecoats/Blue Stars/Cavaliers/Phantom/Boston 9. Bluecoats/Blue Stars/Cavaliers/Phantom/Boston 10. Blue Knights 11. Troopers 12. Glassmen 13. Madison 14. Spirit 15. Colts 16. The Academy 17. Crossmen 18. Pacific Crest 19. Jersey Surf 20. Teal Sound 21. Mandarins 22. Pioneer 23. Cascades As you can see I'm pretty much undecided about 5-9. It'll be a fight for sure! 16.
  5. Hi, I have heard a lot of things about this site and thought I'd join!