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  1. I’m sad too! We can’t love every show, and it’s really the first one since I’ve started following that left me a little cold. Nothing at all on the kids, just not for me design wise. Still enjoyed some moments though, I’m sure I’ll love em next year!
  2. Well, baring something shocking we just saw all of those corps perform for the last time, sans Spartans in exhibition tonight (sans asterisk.....). Some of my favorite shows and performances come from those corps in 13th to 35th every year. Some of the most genuine shows and displays of emotions. Thanks again for blowing me away. Pacific Crests and Spartans wildly entertaining shows and that Madison Scouts performance signaling the beginning of a new era are stick outs to me, but everyone laid it all out there.
  3. Spirit of Atlanta took some risks this year, some of which didn't pay off. But I'm glad they're back knocking on the door of finals for a second year and in WAY better financial shape than they were a few years ago. Keep it up and you make finals very soon. Still a wildly fun show.
  4. Okay now that you said that I cannot unhear it and it's gonna drive me nuts.
  5. 2013 they were seeded 15th and then dropped to 16th in semifinals.
  6. This show feels like The Academy 2014, Mandarins 2016, and Spirit of Atlanta 2017. Pretty big shift in staff and show design approach that allowed them to shoot up pretty far in one season for their strongest season ever. And they just sounded and looked SO GOOD today! Incredibly rich and dynamic hornline, crisp and energetic drumline, and a guard that was just nailing all their big moments. I hope they can chain together another strong one next year, because wow. What a show this year. Congratulations on your best corps and show ever in my eyes.
  7. Also, Pacific Crest wins the on field front ensemble competition. By far the best use of it.
  8. One of the best soloists of 2019 right there. Incredible. A trumpet soloist doesn’t haven’t to be screaming to blow you away.
  9. If I hand picked a top 12 for 2019, Pacific Crest is in it. And Spartans.
  10. Someone else said it, but the fact that it is virtually unchanged since I first saw it in the Rose Bowl is a testament to how good of a show it is.
  11. I'm honest that I don't really like The Academy's show this year, but that flugel soloists is fantastic.
  12. To answer Dan Potters ridiculous question, no. Spartans championship does not deserve an asterisk by it.
  13. Of all the things you could ask............does your championship deserve an asterisk by it? #### that.
  14. Best of luck on venturing into a new frontier Madison Scouts. I hope you can find your way competitively again, but what a spirited performance to end an incredible era. Audience reaction and your faces say it all.