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  1. Also, Pacific Crest wins the on field front ensemble competition. By far the best use of it.
  2. One of the best soloists of 2019 right there. Incredible. A trumpet soloist doesn’t haven’t to be screaming to blow you away.
  3. If I hand picked a top 12 for 2019, Pacific Crest is in it. And Spartans.
  4. Someone else said it, but the fact that it is virtually unchanged since I first saw it in the Rose Bowl is a testament to how good of a show it is.
  5. I'm honest that I don't really like The Academy's show this year, but that flugel soloists is fantastic.
  6. To answer Dan Potters ridiculous question, no. Spartans championship does not deserve an asterisk by it.
  7. Of all the things you could ask............does your championship deserve an asterisk by it? #### that.
  8. Why would you ask Spartans drum major that Dan Potter? Ugh.
  9. Best of luck on venturing into a new frontier Madison Scouts. I hope you can find your way competitively again, but what a spirited performance to end an incredible era. Audience reaction and your faces say it all.
  10. That drill at the end of Afterburners was a blast to watch all summer. Oh God. I’m having to speak in the past tense now. 😭
  11. Gonna try not to get teary eyed with Madison..........that's not gonna happen.
  12. Got back just in time to see some very emotional faces from Troopers at the end.
  13. Won’t get to watch until around the top 15. 😞 Give all the 25th - 15th some extra love as they perform for the last time. Sad I’m missing those, but gotta teach!
  14. The last few years it’s been an hour and a half before 12th place steps off and almost an hour before the Marines step off. The stands always look pretty barren for it.
  15. They’re gonna get a way bigger crowd right after Bluecoats on Friday than performing way before the first corps steps off for finals.
  16. You can keep going too. 14th - 16th separated by .1. 17th - 19th separated by a point or so. 20th and 21st neck and neck. Getting into semis was a .1 difference. Exciting!
  17. Also looks like we might have a 9 corps over 90 year. Happened in 2004 and 2013.