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  1. Also I want to say I'm not trying to be combative, I like the debate and I agree that marching groups that feel like they should be checking off the boxes on a design sheet rather than working towards making a cohesive design do create those poor design decisions then. 100%...... but I don't think that's determined by the need to marry visual and musical concepts.
  2. Oh brother...... hahahahaha why would any try to coordinate what they see with what they hear?....... if only there weren't those pesky judge's sheet that determine integration of effects and ideas. We wouldn't have themes, or uniforms, or color guards, or staging, or music that compliments each other. 100% of the time in the last 20 years of drum corps groups have had to worry about how their musical ideas and concepts fit their visual concepts and vice versa. It's part of the symbiotic relationship that is now drum corps. It's not just checking off all the boxes, it's making sure the pacing
  3. But Jeff..... back in my day we never had live streams of DCA shows or even the internet. That's not real drum corps so I'm against it.
  4. That wasn't meant to be insulting. I'm sorry if it came off that way. It was more to say that I am who I am and that if my answer doesn't appease anyone than I don't know if you're going to get a better or more detailed answer from anyone else. That was what I was getting out. But I do stand by saying we should grab a beer sometime and talk about the future and health of the activity.
  5. I'm not mad. Far from it. Just you were looking for answers and as someone involved in this decision to have it be a judged exhibition I offered you an explanation but let me ask you what reality is being delayed? and the only thing that is being devalued about the hard working members here is implying that the only reason anyone does drum corps is to win. Nobody who participated in the show on Saturday feels devalued. It's actually quite the opposite reaction. There are plenty of corps that have been rehearsing since November that haven't even gone out yet. Are they also devalued? Every
  6. Fair enough so there it is. Those are the reasons why. Some pertain to the first year of why we tried it, some pertain to the reason why we continued it. I think the reality is that nobody is sorely bent out of shape out of it. Maybe some people prefer it to be judged, that's ok, everybody's opinion is going to differ on every issue in the world but there's no implication that drum corps is doomed or that the member's aren't being challenged or rewarded enough. In three days from now there will be scores and there won't be a whole lot that will be different, just numbers. Anybody that was at t
  7. 1) Just a common drum corps phrase that's uttered from time to time. I have no documented the exact people over the years but sometimes it's said, sometimes it's not. 2) Everybody does the work through the winter and spring. There's no question of that but sometimes you just want to know you're on the right track and you want to be able to go back to the members and say "hey everything we've been telling you all winter and spring well now a judge is saying the same thing". It's classic like a parent telling their kids to do something and then the uncle comes over and says the same exact t
  8. You are right it used to be judged and it used to be in the convention center. It was only changed to a judged exhibition last year. I'm only on the Caballeros staff and only have a few friends I've discussed this with on other staffs so I can only offer our perspective. Most people like it, we enjoy the first week of the DCA season being about the audience entertainment, the drum corps' camaraderie with each other, and the staff getting the necessary feedback on their program to be able to provide the best product they can for the rest of the season and finals. Over the years Wildwood has bec
  9. That's a good conversation. I'm not sure, I think in reality it only accounts for a small percentage of recruiting, but I think a lot of corps think that it does. If nothing else it might get you one or two marchers who are looking to switch corps and it might help wrangle in those one or two vets that are sitting on the fence but I'm not sure. You're right people should just march the corps they want to march just based on their desire, not the show. I marched 04 Cadets cause it was the Cadets not because it was Jethro Tull, haha. I think, however, in DCA recruitment efforts that every little
  10. It's all good. I'm just as excited about show announcements as anyone. I've got students and friends either marching or teaching in a bunch of corps at this point. I keep asking them for info and the response I keep getting is "to be honest we don't even know what the show is", most of the time they are waiting on the rights to clear. I don't think any corps would come out and say we haven't announced our show yet because of rights because in my opinion that's not the kind of public relations you really want out there but like I have said George has been pretty open about that being the reason
  11. I'm sorry, do I know you or do you know me? I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, just curious because I most certainly deal with this issues on a regular basis, unless you know something about myself that I don't know. Secondly I have no false narrative, just my own experiences, which are in the know because I'm dealing with all this stuff right now. There is no false narrative performers, artists, rights companies are actively and regularly going after arrangers, ensembles and organizations (they have a right to), that's not "fake news" that's something we're all dealing with and are trying t
  12. Yeah but sometimes concepts change as you do rewrites and you see what works and doesn't work. I've done about 3 million rewrites on shows before it's where I've wanted it to be. I think Cadets learned a valuable lesson last year with the changing of the title of the show. The show had a hard time settling in to what it could be and by the end of the year it was good but I think people tried to hold every little change over their head then. I can almost guarantee they aren't the only corps to rework their concept late in the year, sometimes having an expectation for what the show is supposed t
  13. Nobody needs to get over themselves.... all these corps have the rights to arrange at this point, they are probably still working on sync and performance rights. It's a really complicated situation and as more companies that deal with rights and licensing issues become aware of the the marching arts they have to legally define and redefine stuff that didn't need to be addressed before. There was a time where everyone thought the rights to arrange were also the same as the rights to perform and it's just getting more difficult to get it done. Cadets are an example of that, George has said multi
  14. Okay..... hold on..... I'm not going to try and start a fight here but if the only two composers you can think of that write the emotion into music then you need to get around to more listening. I'm pretty sure most composer's intent is to write emotion into music. While they are both quality writers I think this is a weird comparison as the only two composers that compose emotion into music. I would suggest a little more Mahler, Copland, Shostakovich, who was being opressed and silenced by his government, maybe the Tchaikovsky symphonies 4-6 in your diet just to start. I would even say that b