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  1. Late 60'- early 70's. Salute to Isreal parade Sunday afternoon , 5thave. NYC. Sounds good so far. Late Feb. /early march. I kept the mouthpiece warm. I kept the valve moving. But my hand was so cold, I couldn't move my thumb!! But Monday morning, on the front page of The New York Times was a picture of the Woodsiders color guard. Almost made it worthwhile. Amost George Starr Woodsiders 68-73 Caballeros 74-75
  2. Had the "pleasure" of attending Lake Eire Fanfare for two or three years at old Veterans Stadium. A laundry list of things wrong with that place. Parking, souvie area, no hieght. But the blast zone was incredible!!!
  3. Was in 200's on Thursday. Felt like a hockey game.............outdoors,
  4. Wonderful rewrite of a great scene. Thank you Best memory? Finals tickets upstairs / blast zone for Prelims. Next year, reverse. Either way.....sunburn!! ,
  5. I have been a fan of drum corps since the sixties, so I've seen more changes than most people in this discussion. While would love to see this rule change enacted, there is one constant with DCI rules. Once something is allowed, it will not be disallowed. Us old-timers/veterans/dinos have to either accept changes we dislike, or find another way to spend our summers. I will be in Indy, cheering like crazy. George Starr Woodsiders, Caballeros., **/*/*
  6. 1. They will always (to me, at least) be "Garfield ". Period. 2. Some missing Saints; St.Rose of Lima, Newark NJ St. Brendan's. Clifton NJ 3.Vagabonds? Pennsauken or poughkeepsie
  7. Short version: too many amps Long version: way too many amps
  8. Great stadium for sound.You're so close your glasses cold get cracked!!!
  9. Been a drum corps fan since mid sixties.( north jersey) First DCI championship was 76. I don't think the audience or their expectations have changed that much, at least not recently . The situation is that a show designed to impress the judges with the artistic vision of the designer, is not designed for crowd response. Still travel to shows,still marvel at the talent level,but its not geared to spontaneous response as it was.
  10. Marched Salute to Isreal parade late sixties. At that time, parade was late Feb.,early March.Absolutely fridgid Sunday. Keep your mouthpiece in your hand so it doesn't freeze to your lips. Roll off, put the mouthpiece in, thumb was so cold , I couldn't move the valve( single horizontal) But Monday morning we were on the front page of the New York Times George Starr Woodsiders Newark NJ 69-73, Caballeros 74,75
  11. I marched junior and senior late 60's to 75. Been to most DCI Finals since then. My qualifications for commenting are only as a fan. First, IMHO, no one needs the level of amplification that is being used. Was in 236 for prelims. Synth bass from Cadets almost drowned out the hornline, speakers for SCV had looking for horns where there were none. Second, if you think you have to mic soloist,please find a video of Genisis, one of my faves this year. Third, I found it very difficult to understand what some corps were presenting as a theme. I will
  12. Ahh Wildwood!! Arrive at the field about 7:30(bus left Newark/Harrison at2:00) Inspection Birds taking from the marshes each the timing gun went off. Packed stands(all four rows). Well,at least for Sac.,Lucy's,and Garfield. A senior contest! Hang for a couple of hours at our sponsors motel. Parade, boards, and some years we even stayed till Sunday. George Starr Woodsiders. 68-74
  13. I miss the season opener Memorial Day in Fairlawn, and I miss AL states in Wildwood the weekend after Labor Day. But I will be in Indy, because I won't miss every corps doing their best show of the year Old, but not a dino!!
  14. There were two separate St. Joesephs corps from Newark. St josephs Hilltoppers,national contender mid 1950's and St. Joseph's Ironbound, GSC/parade corps mid 60'/ early 70's.