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  1. I was at the show in m'boro last night (where I live). I have not been keeping up at all over the summer so I was pretty excited to go and catch up on the slack. So when the Cadets came out "Team Demon" started throwing cones and what have ye. Then I saw someone chuck a trumpet like 20 yards. Who ever chucked that... was that a real horn? (I love Cavaliers, but the Cadets show was my favorite) by the way, I never saw if they switched it out for a playable horn, so I was wondering if it was the actual playing horn someone decided to chuck. Ima quit typing.
  2. So my trumpet section at my HS has been getting overly stressed, and it's now getting negative and people are yelling at each other and what have ye. It's getting to swamp me and the other two section leaders to where we've had atleast one of us snap once a week. Not that we're wimps or anything, but just take my word for it that it's very physical and all that. I'm not gonna go into debate here, but Andy Tye (our drill writer) has said some our stuff is the best he's ever had put down on the field etc. So back to my original question. What were any techniques or things you did that relaxed nerves or especially got people focused for competitions? Anything goes. The three of us were picked as sec ldrs cause we were the best leaders, but things are getting away from us kinda fast, so anything you did back in the day or 3 months ago would be appreciated. Sorry if this is vague, got home from practice. Thanks (no attacks please)(we want to handle this soley in our section, no outside help)
  3. Are there such things as "fan phases?" The question kinda came to me yesterday (Fri) when my friends and I had a usual Marching band/incorporated Drum Corps talk, and somehow we got on the subject of how Pioneer "sucks" and for once I didn't bash them, I somewhat denounced the "sucking" statement. Furthermore, when Madison & Cavies were called a "Sausage Fest" and I got really p'od. So I looked at people I know who have been DCI fans for around 6 months to a year and they are hard corps (that was a pun) in saying that "Bluecoats" or "Crown" had the best show and should have won, or it's their fav corps is amazing and all other corps utterly suck no matter what. I thought a little bit after that observation, and realized, "hey I went through the same "phase"" Just my own personal opinion. I used to be really hard core Crown is the best in everything, no one desearves to beat them. Now I'm pretty much a hard core Cavaliers fan, yet I can appreciate and understand other corps from a different view. After all looks who's marching professionally and who isn't. Anyways, take what you wish from this, off to the Docs. See ya later DCP.
  4. Back in the day when you had to walk 10 miles in the show barefoot just to get to school?
  5. I love how they did this year, I hope they can keep the sucess up for years to come
  6. I may hate yall alot, buuut I have to admit being THAT CLEAN is very admirable. good job..........
  7. cool beans, my director marched for them for like 8 years back in the 80s
  8. Yeah, Murfreesboro may not respond well if you did that down here
  9. I have a 20 dollar bet with a friend that cavies will beat Devs
  10. So I had just remembered that I was gonna ask this like 2 wks ago when I saw a corps practicing, but I saw regiment emblems and what say ye between the shoulder blades, kinda center of the back. Leads me to this, is there just something when you march that makes ya wanna tattoo a corps ensignia on your back or what? and secondly, How bad would it hurt to get The Cavalier Standing Man on your back or The Boston Crusaders Griffin? just curious.
  11. Mid 80s-early 90s oh and my bad on the mix up of retreat and tunnel.
  12. Thanks for the replys, I didn't know that they had changed directors in the past few years. haha I do remember my band director telling stories of "back in the day" when the Troopers (he was in that) and BAC would stand next to each other in the tunnel. Of course he said Boston was "Mean in the tunnel"
  13. How come Boston scores so low? I mean I understand maybe a talent body may not be there in some years (take Phantom for example)(And I refer to the talent body to make top 3, cause they are good dont get me wrong), but I always adore their show designs and I was just wondering what their staff is like in your views, since most of you are more educated on Boston than I am.