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  1. The ONLY PLACE to see hundreds of exciting new 2014 Winter Guard and Percussion performances of WGI competing units online now - including yesterday February 1, and all January Premiers. . . 5 weekend contests and percussion opening weekend . . . World, Open & IA Class WGI competing Winter Guards and Percussion . . . Cypress Independent, TX USF World Orlando Visual Nease HS Timber Creek HS Seminole HS Choctawhatchee HS Infinity World Percussion Ancora IO Walled Lake HS SO Etude IO Byrnes HS Open Redemption Guard IA Cy-Fair HS Varsity SO Klein Collins HS SO Tomball Memorial HS Cypress Creek HS (TX) Deer Park HS Huron Valley IO Ancora IA Plymouth-Canton HS Lake Orion HS RPT Percussion PIA Ancient City Ensemble PIA Newsome HS Perc PSO for a complete list, and information how to watch "on-demand" go to:
  2. winterguardnetwork

    Florida Premier Show Scores

    Just a glimpse of these nationally ranked groups from WGI 2012 you can see . . . (east*/west** separate events) USF World 66.6** Orlando Visual 63.40* Nease HS World 63.80* Timber Creek HS World 62.50* Seminole HS World 60.50** Freedom HS World 56.60* Independent Open UCF Pegasus 68.00* Scholastic Open Cypress Creek HS 63.40* Boone 53.9* Independent A USF II 72.33** UCF Pegasus 67.34* River City Independent 67.26* Scholastic A Lyman HS 68.63* Apopka HS 66.26* Lake Howell 65.75* Robinson HS 64.10** Fleming Island 63.83* The very first winter guard shows of 2013 available to view now ON-DEMAND for the first time. These amazing 100+ Florida guards are prepared and exciting and you can see these WGI and local guards full shows now at:
  3. winterguardnetwork

    Watch Pre-Season shows now

    The only place to see what many guards are doing pre-WGI . . . Paradigm IO Seminole HS SW Orlando Visual IW Infinity PIMW Byrnes Indigo SO Etude IW and over 200 more from the past 2 weekends, and more going live from 3 states each hour. Enjoy!
  4. You can watch, rate, and comment on first Florida winter guard contest of 2012 now! You can be the first to see 2012 winter guards from the state of Florida that began to perform this past weekend, and are available to view nowhere else. There's a lot of free content as well, nearly 100 highlights of individual events with clips and historical overviews back many years. Winter Guard Network As of tonight, you can see the 2012 performances of: Independent World - Orlando Visual Scholastic World - Seminole HS Independent Open - USF Winterguard, & Paradigm Scholastic Open - Hagerty HS Olympia HS Freedom HS Independent A UCF Pegasus, Marcata & Sunburst Arts Academy, ASAP Independent Scholastic A (National) Durant HS Oviedo HS Dr. Phillips HS Apopka HS Nease HS Lake Howell HS Lyman HS Gold Cypress Creek HS Countryside HS Gaither HS Sickles HS Auburndale HS Spruce Creek HS Bloomingdale HS Robinson HS Northside Christian Varsity Over 100 other performances as well! The Winter Guard, Percussion and Marching Band Networks all powered by ALGY TEAM!
  5. Scores and more from yesterday! Watch hundreds of 2011 performances online now! New England Guards uploading now . . . . Guard Class B 1 St. Anns B Winter Guard 78.50 2 Blessed Sac B Winter Guard 76.40 Guard Local Scholastic A 1 Billerica High School Winter Guard 72.40 Guard Independent A 1 Salem Blue Winter Guard 77.00 2 Blessed Sac A Winter Guard 76.40 3 Visionary Winter Guard 61.30 Guard Independent Open 1 St Brendans Open Winter Guard 76.00 20+ more performances Michigan Guards & World Percussion uploading now . . . . Scholastic A 1 Novi White 68.00 2 Troy Athens Alias Winterguard 63.60 3 Troy High Winter Guard 62.00 Independent A 1 Huron Valley Alliance 74.40 2 Trenton Winter Guard 61.70 Independent Open 1 State of Art 72.50 Percussion Independent Open 1 Farmington United Percussion Ensemble Open 81.50 2 Motor City Percussion 74.35 Percussion Scholastic Open 1 West Bloomfield High School Winter Drumline 83.50 Percussion Scholastic Concert Open 1 Woodhaven Percussion 80.20 Percussion Independent World 1 Redline 86.40 2 NorthCoast Academy Percussion Ensemble 84.65 3 Eastside Fury Percussion 82.30 Percussion Scholastic World 1 Walled Lake Percussion 83.90 45+ more performances Florida Guards uploading now . . . . Scholastic A 1 Apopka HS 77.00 2 Robinson HS 66.50 3 Spruce Creek HS 62.00 Independent A 1 Sunburst Arts Independent 59.90 Independent Open 1 USF Winterguard 79.50 Scholastic World 1 Seminole HS 0.00 Independent World 1 Fahrenheit World 75.50 55+ more performances
  6. winterguardnetwork

    FREE Guard clips and highlights from weekend of Jan 20

    also includes more guards from January 29 from the Carolinas through Florida
  7. Watch quick clip highlights, hear music, see costumes of some of the top 15 guards currently out so far this season. Fahrenheit, Seminole HS World, Etude, Summerville, Lyman, Freedom, Timber Creek, USF, River City, Byrnes, Karns, Gainesville Independent, and Orlando Visual and more to come. Watch the clip for FREE at
  8. Independent World 1 Fahrenheit World 66.20 also see Etude World, and Enspyre! You can see by the scores and placements from yesterday January 29, winter guard events, and ait was an exciting ride. You can watch it now, national classes are uploaded to the, and new color guards every hour through tonite and Monday. Scholastic World 1 Seminole HS 63.00 Independent Open 1 USF Winterguard 73.70 2 River City Independent 68.20 also see Southeast Independent! Scholastic Open 1 Freedom HS 67.90 2 Lyman HS Gold 65.30 3 Timber Creek HS 63.90 also see Summerville HS & Byrnes HS Florida Federation of Color Guards Jan 29: Carolina Winter Ensemble Association Jan 29: Independent A 1 Orlando Visual 82.20 2 Gainesville Independent 76.00 3 Sunburst Arts Independent 48.60 4 ASAP Independent 40.30 also see In Excelsis Scholastic A 1 Apopka HS 71.00 2 Hagerty HS 70.70 3 Nease HS 69.70 4 Cypress Creek HS 68.40 5 Countryside HS 66.50 6 Fleming Island HS 61.80 7 Winter Park HS 61.30 8 Lake Howell HS 60.30 9 Colonial HS 58.90 10 Robinson HS 57.30 11 Spruce Creek HS 55.20 also see Lexington HS Gold, Byrnes JV, White Knoll HS, Summerville A
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    Here's that link for everyone . . . it's a classic for all time . . .
  10. The FMBC (Florida Marching Band Coalition) Regional at Flanagan HS with OVER 30 band was a great show, and for the first time in Florida history, is UP AND LIVE available to watch now! It is now possible for you to watch all of the greatest marching bands Florida has to offer - including 20-40 new bands added EVERY WEEK of this highly competitive season leading up to the FMBC Championships Nov 20! Check out the first 30 great marching bands from last Saturday night Oct 2, including Overall Champion Stoneman Douglas HS, and other class champions: Class 1A Champion - G. Holmes Braddock High School Class 2A Champion - Miami Coral Park High School Class 3A Champion - Coral Glades High School Class 4A Champion - Stoneman Douglas High School Class 5A Champion - JP Taravella High School
  11. winterguardnetwork

    Top 20 'Best of 2010' National DVD

    See if your favorite group was one of the 20 most popular groups viewed on the Alliance Media Network, as well as multi-camera versions of some of the most popular shows also seen at Winter Guard International World Championships. Braddock Independent , FL - The Passion Blessed Sacrament, MA Northeast Independent, FL Crown Guard, GA Flanagan HS World, FL - Atlas Shrugged Premonition, FL Byrnes HS Indigo, SC Interplay World, MI FIU, FL West Broward HS, FL - Get Me Out of Here Collins Hill HS, GA - The Wall + 9 more see the rest of the list at: Top 20 Fans Favorite 2010
  12. Check out the highlights of the South Florida Winter Guard portion of the Championships
  13. winterguardnetwork

    Fans Favorite Network Top 20

    SUMMER SPECIAL and VOTE FOR THE TOP 15 NETWORK FAVORITES! Every time you watch, they get a vote for the Network Favorites DVD! Here are the Top 20 units from the 2010 season, and on July 4 weekend, we will be producing a "Fan's Favorite" Network DVD of the Top 15 groups! Make sure your favorites get on the list! You can always go under "Most Viewed" to check out how the voting is going . . . here's a status report as of today. . . 1. Blessed Sacrament 2. Collins Hill HS 3. CrownGuard 4. Premonition 5. Flanagan HS World 6. West Broward HS 7. Northeast Independent 8. Braddock Independent 9. Byrnes HS Indigo 10. Lyman HS 11. Tarpon Springs HS Open 12. Interplay World 13. Fahrenheit World 14. The Cast 15. Seminole HS World 16. Gainesville Independent 17. Timber Creek HS 18. Northgate Independent 19. Robinson HS 20. Freedom HS World 21. Dobyns-Bennett HS 22. Sacred Heart Every time you watch, it counts as a vote! (Stills and previews free, full viewing with subscription)
  14. There seems to be a recent trend of people feeling comfortable posting DCI, WGI and all kinds of related postings to YouTube and adding the phrase "NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED" as people pass along a rumor that it somehow relieves them of some burden of responsibility when it actually does the opposite. It actually makes the poster more liable because it acknowledges that they are really aware of what they are doing. Here's a link to an interesting article about this with the text below it. (Posted so you can check for yourself and pass along as you might want to) "does adding "no copyright infringement intended" in the description help not to have videos removed? I read somewhere that if you don't use phrases like that it makes it a little bit more difficult to find your video as having copyrighted content. But now someone told me that if you write that it might not be removed. Which is right?" Best Answer (Yahoo) Avoid irrelevant phrases such as: "no copyright infringement intended", "I do not own the music" or "I don't take credit for this video". Not only does YouTube look out for "buzz words" and sentences like those, you are publicly avowing that you have knowingly taken, used, copied or perhaps even "stolen" an artist's or company's copyrighted material. You would be in effect "incriminating" yourself. Not just that, if you're silly enough to write a lie such as "No copyright infringement intended", you're in fact contradicting yourself, because your video itself PROVES that you HAVE claimed it as your own, and that you HAVE used somebody else's content for your own purposes. In other words, the vid itself PROVES the intention to "infringe copyright", because the video did not just create itself (or upload itself) magically out of thin air; you knowingly and physically made it happen.
  15. See clips of the 15 top guards from the Minnesota/Wisconsin area who compete in the NSC Championships! All free! Watch NSC Championships