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  1. SCV '99: the first time I heard it, I couldn't even listen to the show all the way through...I listened to the opener repeatedly. I love how the opener just starts from nothing and gradually builds up. Sets the mood perfectly Phantom '91: love the hornline, love the music. Especially the Mello solo Bluecoats 2010: I know this one is recent, but I have a feeling this will be a show that I will never stop listening too. I loved the hornline that year, and the opener just did it for me. I can loop that thing for hours and not get tired of it.
  2. lollllll i'm sorry, i get so defensive about that show.
  3. Easyyyyy now, Cadets '07 was one of the best shows in the 2000s. As for the topic, I would have to agree with burgerbob...Cadets and BD 2000. They set a new standard. If you've never listened to BD 2000, you reallllly need to! One of my favorites of all time.
  4. I have heard/seen this point made, several times, but I feel like one key thing is being completely overlooked....there are fans in the stands at every show that have no idea who the Troopers are. Why should this drum corps give in to this demanding (and shrinking) fan base? What good would it do? I'm sure these kids would much rather impress their friends from their high schools and colleges than impress the old school fan base that they have absolutely no connections with. I completely agree. I hate to say it, but when all of these young fans dream about the day they march, how many of t
  5. I completely understand what you are saying, but at the same time... You can't tell me (when just considering the hornline) that Phantom '09 and '10 were at the same level as '07 and '08. I'm not talking about the talent. I'm not talking about placement. I'm not talking about the brass book. I'm talking literally about the sound. The king mello. You can't beat it. Wait till you hear the Blue Stars mello line this summer. It just won't be the same. Yes, Jupiter has come a long way, but not enough to equip 3 of the top 10 hornlines.
  6. Fair enough. Honestly, I've never noticed it. But what about the rest of the show? Does that one note ruin it for you? What about the mellos? They blow my mind. Also, listen to BD's recording at 11:22. You hear a lovely lead euph (or did the leads march baris that year?) playing a high F wayyyy too loud. Sticking way out of the sound and breathing on the bar lines. This is in no way to bash either of these hornlines - '08 is by far my favorite shows of the top 2 as a pair. I'm just saying that I don't think it's crazy to say that phantom had just as much reason to win brass as BD did. I kno
  7. Hey if you don't mind, can you please provide me with a specific time in the finals recording when they sounded like 6th graders? I can't find it. (This actually isn't a sarcastic post. I'm far from a music major.)
  8. Surely you were talking about the Colt Cadets in 2005 and 2007... My list, somewhat in order: Madison 2010 - yes, the most overrated, and it's only been like 7 months Phantom 2003 - but i still listen to it Cavies 2006 - so...musicless BD 2007 - overrated by the judges, I never really hear people talk about that show haha Cavies 2001 - cadets got robbed
  9. Yes, really. Don't get me wrong, they definitely had their moments, but overall their book was my least favorite out of the top 6. The writing seemed so...artificial to me. I don't understand why Bluecoats didn't beat them.
  10. Ignorance at its best. Maybe you should give that 'irrelevant' show another listen. Although I have not been a fan of the Cavies since 06, their 2002 show is one of my favorites to listen to. Have you heard the release in that ballad? You should go listen to the release in the ballad. As previously mentioned, the last 5 years haven't done much for me. I do feel like they opened up some last year, but the brass book was far too dull. I thought they were lucky to get 2nd in brass last year.
  11. This is awesome!! Maybe the Cadets will actually get the credit they deserve this year. I think they were the most underrated corps of 2010. Thanks for the video, corpsband!
  12. Zero. I watched BD first. To each his own - Don't want to see 2010 Cavies ever again.
  13. I wouldn't that say i'm 'brand new'...I mean i've been a member for a little while. I have to start sometime. Not that I need to explain myself but I don't see what makes this topic any less legitimate than the other topics on the first page right now.
  14. This. Haha I can't stand when people say the time! Even without a watch, I can usually determine how much longer the block will be by how hungry I am. And for the OP...I have marched with LDS people, so I totally understand your situation. Make sure to see if you will get that bonus year. We can all sit here and tell you our opinions, but I would love for you to have the chance to see for yourself. I promise it will be the greatest experience of your life.