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  1. Here's a link that should help you. http://www.dcxmuseum.org/index.cfm?roomid=203&view=shows&option=major
  2. Luckily he wasn't too fast though, like the time on tour after he had shaved and cut himself. I gave him some aftershave to use, telling him that it would "sooth" his cuts, but of course it burned even more. He chased me for a while, but gave up after he was loosing ground on me. Too funny!
  3. I ran into the same issue back in the Spring this year, as I live in Canada. I called DCI and was told that no media product can be shipped outside of the USA. I was able to purchase the 2017 DVD's by having them shipped to an American friend of mine and then got the DVD's from him. DCI had no issues with receiving payment using my Canadian credit card and then mailing the DVD's to my friend. I was told that it has to do with the music licensing and that hopefully this will change in the future.
  4. That's a great story, and I'm sure you're right about the hockey. lol We had a 3 hour delay that time, and for me, what should have been a 4 hour drive ended up taking 10 hours.
  5. The next year the Corps ensured that all of the souvenirs were made in North America prior to going to the States, which was still a PITA. Things are getting worse, as DCI can only ship media products to an American address, which is preventing me from purchasing my beloved DCI finals DVD's.
  6. Personally, I stopped going to the US over 10 years ago because every time I went there, the American Customs Officer left me with the feeling that I wasn't welcome.
  7. Twenty years ago I volunteered for a Canadian Drum Corps, looking after selling souvenirs. I was driving a van, pulling the souvenir trailer and when we got to the boarder, they pulled me into the secondary inspection garage, as they wanted to see what was in the trailer. They went though everything, item by item, and separated out everything that wasn't made in North America. These items they loaded back into the trailer and told us that those were the things that weren't aloud in the country. We loading the remaining items onto the buses, which continued on to our first destination, while I went back to Canada to the parents of one of the kids, who agreed to store these items in their basement. After offloading the trailer into their house, I drove back to the border, were I encountered the same Customs Officer who wanted to look into the trailer again to ensure that it was indeed empty before allowing me entry. This was WAY more than a ontime inconvenience, as now we only had around half of the stuff to sell, which the Corps relied on the feed the kids. With how tough it is to enter the US today, it must be a major nightmare for a Canadian Corps to entry the States.
  8. And they were from the same city to boot, which was the first and last time for DCI Championships.
  9. There certainly has been Canadian Drum Corps that have placed in the top 12 at DCI finals. The Oakland Crusaders made it 2 years in a row (1975 & 1976) and the Seneca Optimists made it 2 years (1976 & 1977). These 2 Corps made Drum Corps history, as being the only 2 Corps that marched finals in the same year, and were from the same city (Toronto, ON). Dutch Boy from Kitchener, On, made finals in 1990, and they were the last Canadian Drum Corps to make finals. The first Canadian Corps to make finals was the Del La Salle Oaklands, I think is was 1972, and if it wasn't for their participation, DCI would have been call DCN (Drum Corps National). BTW, Bluecoats long time Brass Supervisor, Dave MacKinnon, is also a Canadian who march with the Seneca Optimist back then.
  10. My question on this topic would be if this "feature performer" isn't classed a member, will there still be 150 male members in the corps? If so, this could open an ugly can of worms with other Drum Corps.
  11. I signed up for a one month subscription with Flomarching on July 13th and watched most of the webcasts after that date. I had to cancel my credit card on August 13th because it was stolen and now I see that Flomarching has downgraded my account to the "basic" status. I'm wondering if they can come back at me legally because I never did cancel my subscription and they were unable to charge my credit card for another month.
  12. Back in 1977, one of our best snare player got kicked out in July for some reason and a week later he was marching in the middle of the snare line of a cross town rival corps. He finished the season with them and their drum line kicked our drum line's butt.
  13. I'm in Canada and even though Flomarching allowed me to register with them, I was unable to view the stream tonight. DCI might as well go back to the name they originally were going to go with in 1972 (DCN) because they have dissolved all affiliation with the rest of the world by teaming up with this steaming site. I'm not a happy camper over this and have decided to withhold from supporting DCI from now on.
  14. A more affordable option would be to purchase the DVDs and rip copies from them, This works great, and if you use good ripping software, you end up with 720p definition.