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  1. Favorite Blue Devils show! There were so many great shows that year.
  2. Favorites: 1. 2016: “Down Side Up” This show was packed with things that I generally loathe. Trombones, VERY costume-y uniforms, extensive electronics, and a large dependence on props. BIG props. However, this show was pure lightning in a bottle. This show gave me every reason to hate it, but I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Every time I saw this show, it felt like I was seeing it for the first time. The vision the staff had to mount a production like this still amazes me. 2. 2014: “Tilt” This began a currently unbroken line of instant classics from the Bluecoats. If it weren’t for the juggernaut that was the 2014 Blue Devils, I think this would have won pretty easily. 3. 2015: “Kinetic Noise” I remember seeing this for the first time and thinking there was no way they’d ever outdo themselves in terms of innovation. Boy was I wrong. The integration of the electronics was a stroke of brilliance. I’d often forget the electronics were there to begin with. 4. 2009: “Imagine” This was a very different Bluecoats than what we have today. But it was no less fantastic. 5. 2010: “Metropolis: the Future is Now” It’s hard to believe how antiquated this seismic shift of a show seems now. That being said, it was magnificent show that came out of a largely unimpressive season. Least Favorites: I have none.
  3. Favorites: 1. 2009- “The Factory” I absolutely love this show. A great show with phenomenal music, and paired with a gorgeous uniform (my favorite of theirs). 2. 2014- “Where the Heart Is” I loved this show for the same reasons I loved 2009. Musically, this show had a very similar feel, as well. 3. 2010- “Houdini” I wasn’t in love with the gray uniforms, nor do I typically go for Phillip Glass, but this show just worked for me. 4. 2013- “Voodoo: I Put a Spell on You” They took a dark theme and made it surprisingly fun. Great music, and they sported a wonderful uniform. 5. 2008- “Le Tour...Every Second Counts” 2008-2010 was a golden era for the Blue Stars. This was the show that started it all. I wish they’d go back to this style of design. Least Favorites: 1. 2017- “Star Crossed” Great visual program, but that’s where it stops for me. 2. 2011- “ReBourne” I used to love this show, but over time it kind of lost its pizzazz, for me. 3. 2007- “Power and Grace” A neat update to a classic uniform, but the musical selections felt a little tired. To its credit, this was the start of the Blue Stars’ return to prominence.
  4. Favorites: 1988: In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than this. Even if they were wearing gray. 2011: “The Beat My Heart Skipped” This was a decent show visually, but a FANTASTIC show musically. I listen to this one frequently. 2009: “1930” Great music, brilliant visual design, and an ingenious use of chairs made for one of the best championship shows of all time. And, quite deservingly, one of the highest scoring shows in history. 2014: “Felliniesque” This show was just flawless. While I was mildly annoyed it outscored my favorite show of all time (Cavies ‘02), I could not deny the mastery of this design and performance. 2017: “Metamorph” That ballad alone earns this show a place on this list. Least Favorites: 2010: “Through a Glass, Darkly” Visually, this show is stunning. Musically, this show is unlistenable. 2016: “As Dreams Are Made On” While I don’t particularly enjoy the trombones in drum corps, there are instances where it doesn’t bother me too much. In this show, however, I found them to be obnoxious. Beyond that, I just wasn’t too into the music in this one. 2003: “The Phenomenon of Cool” This show seems to be beloved by many. I don’t know what it is, but this one just never landed for me.
  5. Favorites: 2014- “Turn” I really dug this show. They took a pretty dull four seasons concept and had a lot of fun with it. I especially enjoyed the Firebird/Summertime mix. 2012- “Shinto” Another really fun show. Relatively simple, design-wise, but a lot of fun nonetheless. 2002- “City Riffs” A great show from what I consider to be the “golden age” of drum corps. 2015- “Intergalactic” I like space-themed shows. While it wasn’t my favorite, it did feature some Star Trek music, which so few space-themed shows do. 2016- “Set Free” This show was very well designed, and the Cadcades seemed to kick it up a few notches from years past. My least favorite would have to be 2013’s “Inescapable.” It’s a good thing they apparently learned from that season, as 2014 on have been pretty good to our friends from Seattle.
  6. Favorites: 1. 2014: “Vanity Fair” 2. 2016: “Drum Corpse Bride” 3. 2012: “Left of Spring” 4. 2011: “(RE)” 5. 2010: “Strangers in Paradise” Least Favorites: The Academy hasn’t really done a show I didn’t like. But if I had to pick one that didn’t “wow” me, I guess I’d have to go with 2008’s “Vienna Nights.”
  7. Genesis: 2013- “mOZaic” The corps’ first medalist show, and it left me thinking “Wow, they’re on their way.” Music City: 2011- “Let’s Dance” Not an overly sophisticated show, but that’s not always a bad thing. It was an awful lot of fun and jam packed with enjoyable tunes. And if memory serves, this was their first year as a full sized corps. Or at the very least, they were close to full size.
  8. Favorites: 2013- This is my absolute favorite show from The Cadets. The brass book shined in this production. 2011- I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like this show. They knocked it out of the park with this one. 2000- see 2011. 2007- Love or hate all the narration (I generally hate it), this show was masterful performed, and the concept was well executed, in my opinion. I rather enjoyed it. 2014- It seems most people don’t care for this one. I thought it was great. The Copland pieces worked great and I thought the changing cummerbunds were subtle, but very effective. Least Favorites: 2004- Not an especially awful show. It just never really “wowed” me. 2016- It was very apparent this year that they needed to try something new. 2017- This wasn’t it.
  9. This is overall a pretty trivial question, but it's been bugging me since championships. I noticed in semis that the hornline and drumline members went without their drop sashes/leg cape things. Does anyone know why? Also, I feel like I saw their DMs wear red uniforms during the show, but they wore gray ones during retreat. Was there a reason behind that? As a side note, the Colts were FANTASTIC this season.
  10. If I had to pick just one, I'd have to go with Madison Scouts 1988. Also, I didn't to any live shows in 2014 (I watched a ton of webcasts), and I kick myself every day for it. A lot of great shows that year.
  11. For me, it's pretty hard to top Galen Karriker (PR 1991).
  12. Crowns, perhaps? Although I think I've heard people call them "fakos."
  13. I don't claim to know why, but I would guess that with I&E in Indy, all open class corps (the ones that travel to championships, anyway) can participate, plus it seems to have become a sort of community outreach thing in the streets of Indy.