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    Early Troopers, Madison, Kilties, Commodores.
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    '88 SCV...Fantastically Emotional
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    '73...We won 28 out of 29 shows plus our first DCI "World Champion" title. Need more be said?
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  1. Anyone know if after the broadcast, will they show it *all* on the fan network? Would be nice to see it since I couldn't go to the theatah tonight.
  2. Is this on Fan network now? All I still have on the site is the show for Buffalo coming up on the "live webcast" list...
  3. Absolutely love this show. Still a little too much thunderous goo though. Everything is improving. Agree the best Guard in years! l Love new ending, but I know they are NOT through yet! Love you SCV. Always and Forever...
  4. Yeah, me either. First time seeing it though. Just not sure what they are trying to say... Americana or something?
  5. Wow, best I've seen from Phantom this season. Guard a very strong dance program. I'm really impressed. Keep it up PR!
  6. Gotta agree with others. One of my favorite BK shows. Beautiful colors of silks. They carry the color scheme on with different flag changes and it works. Just a nice show that doesn't preach. I'm always a little wary of "esoteric" music, but whatever it is they are playing, it supports the theme and is entertaining to me. Nice Job Blue Knights!
  7. my screen keeps going black. anyone else? or just my problem. can still hear them...
  8. Hate to correct a Trooper Alum, but, the rifle toss was *around* the Drum Major, not over his head. Rifles BITD were a lot heavier. It was still, however, close quarters and very impressive. It was always expected by the crowd and always appreciated by said crowd.
  9. Hey thanks for the explanation! It makes sense. I'm from the old school marching technique and this dot system is way beyond me (0.25, 0.125 dots? ) Still, one too many rifle drops for my taste. But what do you expect from a Color Guard person? I hope they're just getting it out of their system. I absolutely love this show and I'm always proud of my SCV Bothers and Sisters.
  10. I love this show! Got to admit that it wasn't up to my standards though. Too many rifle drops and their feet couldn't seem to find their dot and complete formations. Can't think of any excuses. I just hope they work on their M&M in the coming weeks. Still, I feel that it can be up in the top 5. I LOVE YOU SCV!