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  1. If Bluecoats don't change anything then they are sure to get passed.
  2. Let it be known hence forth... Never go full BrassMonkey.
  3. Great! Can't wait to see what they come up with. Really happy about all the changes so far. Seems like the design team is reinvigorated by the direction of the show. Good things come from a Cadet Corps down in the ranks ;)
  4. I agree with others about the THX sound before the brass comes back in in the closer. Missed opportunity here for some effective moment that actually relates to statues awakening. My imaginings... The phrase before its all crazy drill and a bunch of hornline/battery stabs. What if this phrase devolved into nothing as during this crazy moment people started turning back into statues. They freeze in random posses like a Greyscale plague overwhelming the corps from the back to the front in a wave like fashion. Now at the end of the phrase everyone is a statute and there is a more suspenseful/tense soundscape in the now silent hornline. The silence and the amount of space where literally nothing is happening would be risky in a regular DCI show but one about immobile statues... It's a must! Then there is rumble, the sound of stone cracking and then all at once there is a burst of stone exploding the corps awakens and scrambles to there neatly organized trapezoid that appears out of no where and the corps brings down the house in a wave of power! I'm just musing... But I want that moment to work better than how it currently is. I like this show more and more :) just keep working the kinks and don't settle for an "almost" GE moments!
  5. we were specifically talking about the Pit and there volumes. Not the volumes of the battery/hornline. So nice Spin there DJ... The Pit is rarely if ever complained about being too soft. And I'm saying that there are in fact parts of shows where the pit can be both too loud and too soft. But people only care when its too loud because its easy to call out and they are not familiar enough with a show to know when something is too soft.
  6. Cadets could go a long way in really connecting their show to greek/roman mythology. Really create the landscape of a Roman garden full of statues that come to life one fateful night. Not some generic marble picnic table covers for props... They look super cheap. Roman and Greek Columns/Architecture and of course Roman/Greek statues. The stage REALLY needs to be be decorated with Roman Architecture. Ancient Ruin Style and Columns! Stuff like that Will really sell this statue thing even more.
  7. Cadets coming from behind is Excellent... Cadets have been very strong out of the gate in 12,13,14,15. For the past 4 years Cadets have placed 1st at every DCI Opening Season Premier event. This was the first year since 2011 they didn't. In 2011 they placed 4th at the first DCI show. And then 4th again at the DCI Minneapolis Regional. So... I think things are looking just fine.
  8. Well, I think we should be realistic and say that the errs are in both directions... However Audience members are simply unaware of things that are too soft because... they are too soft... they can't hear it! So, the data of "viewer complaints" would never skew to the "that sample/synth/microphone balance was too soft" unless that person had the understanding of the show that a designer would. Things being to loud is much easier to call out/complain about than things being too soft so that observation is a bit biased. And so is the claim that the designers simply "didn't learn their lesson"...
  9. The Cadets just changed a LARGE amount of their closer. So it's understandable that out of all segments of the show the closer was the segment that had balances a little off tonight. Everyone who knows will tell you balancing a pit is much more than just "turning it down" And the process takes more than just 2 days to get right.
  10. Cadets guard... Crown Percussion... Just thorns in a paw of a lion. I can't see BD showing any sign of weakness and for either of these two groups to be convincingly stronger overall than Blue Devils. And I don't really find this years BD show to be more remarkable than the last few years. It seems like a a show that's just "acceptable" will win rather than truely designed and executed perfection.
  11. Opinions are like #####... Everyone has one and they all stink. I just find it HILARIOUS that you mention your cadets "credentials" to defend your opinion. LOL.
  12. I was purposefully being dissmissive and cynical hence the point of my post...
  13. crown's show is just an attempt at cadets 2011 Angels and Demons part 2. Now what else are other corps attempting to do and how can we make as dissmissive and cynical as possible? You next!
  14. ... Word choice definerly implies a bitter and dismissive attitude to an element in the cadets show...The thing is they only do it in certain stadiums because of where the number markings are so not everyone would have seen it. And it's a great effective addition to a show about 10. Not just an "attempt".
  15. Cmon cadets! Gotta be undeniable!! Clean clean clean!!
  16. What's this talk of a Z-pull in the show? I mean c'mon George... Can we update it for 2015 and make an "X"-pull instead? More fitting, no?
  17. Is the Cadet Uniform really just all about the colors? Or is the mystique really created because its just a copy of the West Point Uniform Design? The Cadets have made it their own for sure and that's the point... the Cadets MADE it... MADE... as in, the performers made the uniform more than just a copied military design with McDonalds colors. So... there's your answer. Cadets make the uniform... and this corps, and every corps, is a whole lot greater than the style/color of their uniform.
  18. I wouldn't be too sure about Cadets not having the same potential as a Bloo to add massive GE moments...