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  1. Prelims / Finals Cabs / MBI Bucs / Cabs MBI / Bucs Fusion / Fusion C2 / C2 CV / CV Bush / Bush Hurcs / Gold Sun / Hurcs Gold / Sun Sabers / Govies Govies / Sabers Sun / Sun CT / CT I think with an extra read against their competition, MBI could pull it off. Thats only if the hornline can clean up that score. I think Sabers have come back to reality and Govies take it Finals night. Also really would not surprise me to see a tie between 2nd/3rd in Open. I think it will be that close.
  2. Isnt this an off season topic? C'mon man...
  3. Just curious... How many DCA corps run/support winter lines?
  4. However, the link on that post leads to nothing. For me anyway.
  5. Any DCA show I have been to, I have felt out of place to give an ovation or loud applause. Golf claps seem to be the thing. Now, I have not been to a show for awhile so it could be different now but thats my observation.
  6. But thats DCI. Doesnt really matter what you do in DCA, crowd reaction is going to be minimal either way.
  7. Ill make a full prediction once corps announce class status but... Its going to be very interesting between the top 3 from last year. Can MBI bounce back? Will Cabs threaten for 1st? Will Bucs hold them both off? Also... CV and C2 will be a great battle and it wouldnt surprise me to see one of them threaten the top 3. Class A should be great as well. Id love to see a close battle between Govies and Sabers again!
  8. and coincidentally, neither of those corps are competitive anymore.
  9. Then you lose the incentive for those corps to travel long distance. Sure, its helping spread the DCA brand (which is the argument here) but do you think MBI travels just to be nice? No. They travel to go head to head with corps of their caliber and to get a mid season read by DCA judges. Same can be said for CV. No coincidence that one of these corps is holding strong at the top and the other is on the move. If you take away that DCA show and make them do a DCI regional with few DCA corps and DCI judges... whats that really going to accomplish for their competitive success? Not to mention co
  10. Well, they advertise Championships as WORLD so... you would hope they at least consider it National.
  11. Doesnt MBI also run 3 other ensembles (along with the full corps) under that "Incorporated" umbrella? Could explain the large gap between them and other organizations.
  12. TBT is no longer in the DCA circuit. That leaves 4 corps, 3 if Gold cant make the trip.
  13. Right... but what would be the difference between a normal midwest or south show and a regional... all the corps would be the same. Basically any non eastcoast show is already a regional because there are so few shows. Take a look at what corps would be at these so called regionals: South: Gold, CV, Sun Devils, Alliance Midwest: MBI, Chops, Govies, Kilties, CT, High Country, *Lakeshoremen Yes, those are some dang good corps BUT... the only real "ringer" in there for the Midwest is MBI and the only one in the south is CV. People will show up anyway to see them but imagine if Cabs or Bucs m
  14. So whats a fair time frame before someone in DCA is allowed to make another cross? Lets be real... corps borrow/alter/use ideas and designs they have seen before... or even come up with the same idea at times... its nothing new. Also, not sure what black uniforms you are talking about, they definitely dont do that. ------- After seeing Bucs number this weekend... its too close to vote on. Im going to say Bucs and MBI take #1 and #2, within .4 of each other but who will be on top? No idea. Cabs wont even be in the conversation... this year.
  15. They will go up at least 1.0 if not more. Id say 1.35 jump for them.
  16. Same with the 5th and 6th place thread. Anyone who is putting Bucs, MBI and Cabs below 3rd is either ignorant, a troll or a hater(you could make the weak argument about Cabs falling to 4th I suppose).
  17. Im going to wait and see what kind of number Bucs get this weekend before I vote. As of right now I think Minnesota has the advantage currently leading and have the weekend off to clean but if the Bucs post a big score, Minnesota will be playing a lot of catch up on prelims and that could bleed into finals as well. I dont see Cabs breaking into the top 2... this year.
  18. Looking at the positives... at least all corps are able to get at least one score the day before.
  19. I think you misspelled your user name... let me correct that for you. cabsguardfan* fixed.
  20. Hard to say. The precision of Machine The emotion of Spartacus The awe of E=MC^2 I could easily vote for any one of these. I picked 2006 though.
  21. I dont think a different corps make up should have any impact on the next years corps. Its a different corps each year and the two should not be tied together.