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  1. Just watched the show. It looks like exactly what a certain segment of people demanded. Design from 20-30 years ago. I really enjoy that era of drum corps, but the game has changed. Interesting to see when people get what they asked for and then complain when they get it.
  2. Just watched the show for the first time a few minutes ago. The problems are in the design more so the performance. An extra half day of practice isn't going to fix that. They may as well rest. Anyway, it sounds like you hate the current members of your own corps. So you should probably leave the activity.
  3. Says he was never overworked, underfed, sick, or injured. Demands that Scouts overwork current members. You should leave the activity.
  4. Nothing says "I am a tough secure adult" like whining anonymously on the internet. Please go away from the activity. You don't deserve it.
  5. When you register with the Cavaliers for color guard auditions, the packet includes several videos on colorguard technique. Do any other corps have similar materials for color guard? I know nearly all have exercise packets for percussion and brass.
  6. Anyone know where I could get more info on how these are designed? Maybe even info on how to get in touch with the instructor?
  7. Can someone provide me some info on what is going on with the instructor's hand signs in this video?
  8. Someone post the scores as they're announced please? Or are they not doing that? The preliminary score deal.
  9. copied from Hey Spirit of Atlanta Fans, We are very excited to announce that Spirit of Atlanta has a chance to win $50,000 from Pepsi through their Refresh Everything Project. After winning $20,000 from Chase Community Giving this past summer, we are confident we can pull this off if EVERYONE votes and tells their friends to vote as well. The great thing about this fundraiser is that you don’t have give money... all it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse! We are in the December round of voting. The competition runs for the entire month, and you can vote every single day. Here's how it works: 1) Go to 2) Click 'Vote for This Idea' on the right hand side 3) Log In through the window that opens (you may connect via Facebook, or register your email address through the Refresh Everything Website) 4) After you vote, help spread the word about Spirit by clicking one of the icons under 'Promote This Idea' 5) Vote every day in December! With your help and support, I know we can win $50,000 in support of Spirit of Atlanta. Get online, start voting, and spread the word!
  10. It was started by their 2005 staff.
  11. Hey folks, Chase Bank is doing the community giving again! This is the same charity drive that gave $25,000 to Colts, Crown, Cavaliers and Phantom earlier this year! There are plenty of drum corps signed up! You should vote for them all, but MY favorite is Spirit! We're off to an early lead -- 19th place in day 1! Short and sweet: 1) Go to the Chase Community Giving Page: 2) Search Friends of Spirit Inc 3) Vote for Spirit 4) Vote for 5 charities and earn a 'gift vote' 5) Give a gift vote to someone who will vote for Spirit -- Spirit can receive one regular vote and one gift vote from each person. 6) If you REALLY want to help, vote for 20 charities, get a 2nd gift vote, and give that to someone else to give to Spirit Vote for Spirit! Vote for LOTS of Drum Corps! Bus fuel is expensive! For the record, yes I'm definitely a Spirit alum/supporter, but I've already voted for Troopers, BK, and several others. 200 organizations are going to win $20,000 or more! VOTE FOR THE CORPS!!! *edit - Some info from the posts that follow. 1) I said Blue Stars won earlier this year in my original post. That was wrong. Phantom won. Sorry about the mixup Blue Stars! 2) Cavaliers, Crown, Phantom, and Colts are not eligible this time since they already won earlier. It's awesome to see people say "I would vote for Crown cause I want them to win." But they already won money. So spread your love to some other corps. :) 3) Some corps are listed under different names (much like Spirit is listed as Friends of Spirit). Here's a quick list of some that have posted: -Blue Stars = LBS Cadets -Oregon Crusaders = Southern Oregon Crusaders -Music City Drum Corps = Music City Youth in the Arts 4) There's no list of which corps "need" it more than others. Just trust me on this one: diesel is super expensive and we all need it.
  12. Spirit had 1 Bari and 1 Euph spot last I heard. email to get more info
  13. Well, Each year there is a wave of Freshman who marched in Spirit from years prior who decided to attend JSU -- especially to become music majors. So tuition IS a benefit. There is a non-trivial number of students who transfer to JSU (myself included) that otherwise would not have done so without its connection to Spirit. The Tuba-Euphonium studio is practically overflowing. I would estimate that 50% of those students have either been a part of or come by way of Spirit to JSU. There are two trumpet studios, and again I would speculate 50% have either been a part of or come by way of Spirit to JSU. The JSU Drumline has sponsorships from IP and Yamaha. Part of that is due to the exposure gained by way of Spirit. One less obvious but highly significant benefit to the university is the exposure to parents. Parents have a significant impact on the decision of students to attend or not attend. Especially when dealing with members of Spirit whom are not yet college age, this is an investment to the university that pays dividends. I'm not sure what else you would be looking for as a benefit to the university. Recruiting is really not an insignificant benefit, however Spirit has not won a World Championship, nor have they built new facilities for the university (which --just to be clear -- no other drum corps has done either, so that is not a deficiency). Given more time, as was stated previously, the benefits to both organizations will continue to grow. If you've got more specific things in mind, I'd be happy to try to discuss those things too. It's really a good question, and I feel that the answer is: Yes, the university has benefitted.