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  1. If they did Bostons arches for Cathedral of the Mind Cadets Tables and Glassmens chest and Spirits whatever they are this year just to name a few would have had higher scores. If they add effect in a good way then the score will go up if they are just there they wont help the score.
  2. poop beer dogs keys euph door lime milk like that?
  3. Phantom from start to finish Also Glassmens music is very good when you listen to it and dont watch the drill.
  4. if Madisons contras deafen all the judges then wouldnt the rest of the corps after them get a 0 in brass for not being able to hear actually dropping their score 17-20 pts? So Madison academy and glassmen would be at top.
  5. Hard to tell what year her kids were in. Especially with 13 posts in 8 years lol
  6. wait a second. wont the aspirin thin the blood and make him bleed more?
  7. he also said no reaction from audience so you just confirmed that.
  8. i want a drum corps in my living room. they might not fit
  9. sure the cavies didnt? they had many rifles they even told me that.