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  1. just watched a video of your latest show WOW in your face horn line ,way to go LOVED IT 


  2. Excellent, We are housed 3 mins drive from the Stadium and our Bar doesn't shut after Finals ;-)
  3. Kidsgrove's Latest Score from today... 76.90 DCUK Show, Leicester,UK.
  4. What are the quick parameters for mini corps ie min size and min time ?
  5. Cheers Frank, Would be good to finally meet you Frank. Played a few of your scores back in the 80's in the UK. Maybe whilst hooking in up with Dave Hill :-)
  6. My bad, just getting a wee bit excited. September it is :-) all corrected. YES we will be in Bridgeport rehearsing at the stadium like in 2012 I believe.
  7. On Thursday 3rd September (09/03/15) Kidsgrove Scouts will be holding an open rehearsal in Rochester. So if your getting into town early for Championships we will be opening up our rehearsal for all from 18:00-21:00. More details regarding venue to follow.
  8. After an initial surge of votes things have settled down and we are currently in 3rd spot. Please spare a minute and give us your vote :-)
  9. We do have two guys travelling from Germany in the Corps this year. I'm not too sure that they have ever marched with heartliner though ???
  10. Thanks Fran, just be sure to verify your vote when they email you back ;-)