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  1. Just a thought to consider. Texas has what's called the "8 hour rule" which limits the amount of rehearsals you can have outside of the school to 8hrs for the calendar week. Monday-Sunday, 8 hours TOTAL rehearsal time allowed outside of the school day. Groups like Marcus, LD Bell, Duncanville, Westfield, Spring, Vandegrift, Reagan, Leander, Cedar Park, Johnson, Churchill (I'm just trying to think of the groups that have attended and placed well at BOA Grand Nationals in the past). These groups have done what they've done in significantly less time than the groups they are competing a
  2. I marched BK in 97. Fun summer! There have been several marching bands take musical ideas from our show that summer. I remember the first show we had with SCV. Boise IIRC. I remember thinking “they’re back!” I absolutely love that show! Everything about it is awesome. The drum writing and performance of the Casella/Gusseck era was in full force. Those guys were good! The opening statement from Cadets hornline and that drumline was jammin. Another show that I loved watching all summer. BD was killing it right from the start. You just had a feeling that they weren’t going to be sto
  3. Wasn't 1988 BD undefeated until finals night when the strange performance order draw cost them the title to Scouts?
  4. IMO, with the exception of SCV, the execution of the battery has declined since all of the body work and scripted, contrived over emoting has become the norm. The kids are performing drum books that have little to do with the actual overall musical package much of the time and with the drum judge now farther away, the attention to detail and focus on rhythmic clarity with even further diminish. I don't want to go back to a time where the drumline mowed the 50, but getting back to a time where the focus was on playing the drum and creating music rather than creating a body move with a f
  5. My first choice would be '03 SCV, but that's another topic altogether. DCI might not ever see a drumline play with the aggression and musicality of '03 and '04 Vanguard. Jim Casella's beats with Murray's approach was simply amazing. I am a Rennick fan as well, but I'd give any amount of money to see '03 and '04 Jonz in the lot just one more time. Those guys brought it.
  6. Just got back from Bones' rehearsal in San Antonio. They ended the evening with the first full run of the season (closer drill is 5-6 hours old!). I am not about to make any predictions about placement, it would be dumb to do so. BUT, these guys sound like a drum corps again. Chuck's brass writing is great. Lots of stuff going on, not so "one dimensional" as the past few years. Beddis and Markworth have that drumline groovin again (thank God) and Rudy Gowern and his staff have done a GREAT job with the drumline. I've gone to check out rehearsal each year before they leave for tour. Thi
  7. Rennick did a short stint at Sky Ryders and then went to VK and had some killer lines there with Float. He took 96-97 off and was at Crown starting in 98.
  8. Let's not forget the hornlines that Jason produced at BK from 96-01. Jason is a quality hire for sure. If they can get someone good to head up the drumline they will finally be relevant again
  9. Are we forgetting the fact that he was with SCV from 76-90? He wrote some of the most musically progressive (84, et al) and aggressive (86, 87, 89, 90 et al) drum books ever heard. Something to ponder when thinking that he might be too "old school"....... Ralph writes MUSIC and is a #### fine musician, that never goes out of style. He will write an extremely musical and musically appropriate book. He will be relevant in the activity until the day he dies because he is a musician first.
  10. I generally watch battery warm ups in the lot. That is the one area they can't mess up too much. It's still kids with sticks and a drum. As far as synths go..... It will (and is) cripple the creativity of the arrangers and eventually dumb the activity down to the point of being comical. 1991 SCV is a perfect example. HOW COOL was the helicopter effect?!?!?! I can only imagine how hard it must've been to clean that given the fact that they were in different areas of the field..... NOW, would I still remember that or even care about it if it were some kid holding a button? NO. Arrang
  11. I saw on that Ralph is going back to BK as arranger. I LOVE his writing! I have a ton of respect for Jeff, he is a GREAT guy and fantastic teacher. Is he done with drum corps or is he moving somewhere else?
  12. SCV 2004.... The most aggressive and emotional drumline I've ever seen live. Casella can write like nobody else. His writing plus Murray's approach?!? OMG. I truly hope to one day soon hear something that (IMO) comes close.
  13. Mike Jackson? Is he still around. I must've missed it....
  14. Jason will be a HUGE asset to the Crossmen, as will Chuck. Now maybe they can get some one with similar creds to fill out the visual, colorguard, percussion and program/staff coordinator positions.