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  1. I loved there show. But what was it about? And how did the flag line remove and re-attach there silks?
  2. I will see Braddock, Flanagan, West Broward, and cypress bay this saturday. Super Excited.
  3. Idk if any of you were in south florida to attend the spin clinic held by Premonition but here's two videos from it. This is a dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=406AltSebR4 And rifle work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr_s_I_h3XM&feature=related
  4. piog1101

    Paradigm 2012!

    YES!!! This is such great news! I loved your 2005 show! Cant wait to see you perform again!
  5. piog1101


    So I feel like theres people here that are merely posting hatred, hatred towards the Ensemble, the Directors, and the Performers in specific. Which isn't aiding to the conversation (Scott Markum [or however you spell it] and TKYR_FA1986), well atleast in a positive way. I wish you guys would have actually stayed on topic instead of resorting to hate because you didnt understand Onyx's show, and it looks really bad. I know im no moderater or admin here but just saying. So thanks to everyone that aided to this convo :) FYI - Personally, I loved onyx show this year.
  6. Tell meh what you think! I definataly think Braddock is coming in 1st this year
  7. piog1101


    And Santaluces!
  8. piog1101


    This saturday is the SFWGA Circuit Premier at West Broward High School. I suggest that all people in the area show up to support the awesome groups in south florida. Like the flanagan high school (2007 world champs)! Braddock independent! Premonition! Stoneman douglas (2008 state marching band champs) Palm Beach Central!!! ( 3 time marching band finalist) West Broward!!!!! And many Many MANY more! :)
  9. piog1101

    plastic/resin rifles

    Ive been using the plastic rifle since summer of 2010. I dont remeber where we ordered them from (I got it through my school) But I like them. You just have to tape it. It takes acouple weeks to get used to them. But they spin fine. My rifle has gone through ALOT of damage but it shows no sign of breakage. If it was a wooden rifle it would have been destroyed in 2 weeks. Get the plastic rifle!
  10. piog1101

    "Air Blades"?

    Airblades are heavier and rotate higher; In my band room you can toss quads on rifle and almost hit the ceiling, if you were to toss a quad on airblade you would definatly hit the ceiling. Not that many guards use them because there considered props (well at least in florida they are) but I saw a drum corps use them. I dont remember the name or year, If I find it il post it.
  11. piog1101

    What are some MUST SEE shows?

    THANKS FOR POSTING! Im going to make sure to find these on wgi network. OH YEA! MY GUARD INSTRUCTOR WAS IN ALLIANCE OF MIAMI HOTEL CALIFORNIA YEAR! He was the blue guy :)
  12. -Mount Carmel High School (SA) -Pulling Strings '09 <-------------------- I loved this show! -Marion Catholic '09 - The Fallen (SO) -Flanagan '08 - Post secret (SW)http://www.youtube.com/user/piog1101?feature=mhum#p/f/146/sJv19T0016s -Flanagan '09 - Hopelandic -James Logan '02 - TKO -Tarpon Springs '10 - The Raven (IO -I think-) -Alliance of Miami '95 - Hotel California (IW) -Northern Lights '06 - Rembering John Lennon -Paradigm '05 - IDK the name of the show but It was there last year. -Fantasia '04 - Vanishing Act <--------------------- Gave me goose bumps all over and a tear shed. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=...0716&ref=mf -Aimachi 09 Those were the ones Ive recently watched. If you have some "MUST SEE SHOWS!" Feel free to post it, with a link if avaliable. :) Thanks :)
  13. piog1101

    sebastienne st. jacque

    sorry to ask, who's this sebastienne guy?
  14. piog1101

    Top 20 'Best of 2010' National DVD

    i love the fact that 12/20 of those guards are from florida!!!