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  1. He sent the Japanese a full line of Bbs when they specifically requested Gs. Now, what was he doing with Mrs. O'Leary's cow that could start a fire?
  2. I don't think a compilation of that nature would be a "waste of time", the information would prove useful for someone, somewhere. And though I wouldn't know what to do with it, I gotta admit I am curious...
  3. Naaah, it had little to do with that and everything to do with selling equipment to schools. The words chosen were deliberate in its appeal to satisfy the schools' anti-gun policies, and thereby increasing the potential of making a sale. The words chosen also, unfortunately (and likely inadvertently), created a negative against those who still use and enjoy seeing the rifles and sabres in use, even though the words used were not directed to the fans and members of drum corps. It was all about selling equipment, nothing more.
  4. My 40 yr old Olds Ultratone p/r sop still has quite a bit of life left in it - rich, powerful tones. Several years of "on-the-field" service under it's bell. I really do like my trumpet, but I love my bugle
  5. Whew, that's a lot more than I had figured! I have seen Cedarburg, West Bend, and Germantown's bands perform, but knew of only a handful that competed: Lutheran Vanguard (Appleton), Lighthouse Brigade (Milw?), Shadow Armada (Oregon?), Waukesha, and Sun Prairie. Madison Scout's Whitewater Classic had some of them perform prior to the DCI competition. I have performed at Lambeau with the Americanos (early-mid 70s, was really quite thrilling!), and I'd certainly love to see Green Bay's revamped stadium host a show. The region could easily accommodate the corps. edit: oops, forgot West Bend...
  6. I can get moving on a new Season XXI banner and anything else you might want to aid in promotions.
  7. First took the field in '72. I'm mostly 53; my body cries 70 while my head says 32...
  8. At the beginning of this season I had commented on the lack of confidence I had regarding the judges' ability (integrity?) to do just that. I'm very pleased to say they have proved me wrong.
  9. With trying to remain in the realm of "reasonable" requests, I find the singular change I would like is in returning to a greater emphasis placed on the music: Make the visual fit the music, rather than the music fit the visual.
  10. That is a spectacular bit o' work you've done here... impressive across the board! Find myself a tad embarrassed for not getting FB!E entered.
  11. Ha! Aye, the Prelims Plague... FB!E offers the best of luck to everyone here for Finals Week, it has really been an incredibly exciting season. Thank you DCP, Galen, and to all of you, both rookie and veteran. FANFARE!!
  12. As was already mentioned, this was a stadium crew; experienced in providing only noise (football, audience, commentators), not a drum corps showcase. The finals production team will most assuredly provide a far more satisfying experience. This turned out to be stunningly huge error in the decisions made for this episode of the TOC series... which I suspect (I really don't know) was made by the TOC organizers, not the DCI organizers.
  13. Sooo... just how did those corps of yore manage to fill the stadiums with sound, using fewer players? /tease
  14. Didn't the organizers of the TOC claim that their show would be a spectacle above and beyond the average show, loaded with special features and events? I've not been to any of them, but, if they have not lived up to the expectations presented, scrap the premise and get back with the regular program.
  15. Ha! Penalized for an incorrect guess... amazing.