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  1. Note to self: If I ever decide to start a drum corps, make sure the corps name starts with either a "B" or a "C". That way they will be in the last block of the day. (Cadets, Blue knights, Blue stars, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers, Blue devils, santa Clara vanguard, Bluecoats and of course combining both letters Boston Crusaders! posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. LOVE Academy's trademark "A" at the end of the show using the tables as the crossbar. posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. So do the uniform volunteers have to clean these "uniforms" tonight so they will be clean for tomorrow night? posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. Remember in the good old days when the schedule controlled everything? DCI was on a strict broadcast schedule so there could never be a delay at Finals. This led to a situation in '93 where Madison performed in a downpour. The fans went crazy and the schedule was kept. posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Didn't 2005 DCI finals have a weather delay when one of the Blue corps were on the field? Blue Knights were on the field. posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. For many years now I have been sitting by Brian, the T-Shirt Guy, during Finals week. Brian makes it a point to change into a different shirt for each corps. Hopefully it's a shirt sold by that corps but sometimes he has to be creative and use a shirt from a corps, often that has folded, in the general location of the preforming corps. As you can expect, getting a shirt representing some Open Class corps can be difficult if not impossible. I believe we were in Orlando one year watching Division II - III. After their performance, three members of Les Stentors came up and sat behind us. We struck up a conversation with them and eventually they inquired about why Brian kept changing his shirt. After a brief explanation Brian asked if their corps had any shirts for sale because he didn't see a souvie booth for them. They informed us that the only shirts their corps had made that year were the Corps Member Shirts that they were currently wearing. Then one of the guys took his shirt off and handed it to Brian so he would have a Les Stentors shirt to wear whenever he saw them preform. Many years have passed and Brian eventually was able to purchase a shirt from Les Stentors but the memory of how he got his first shirt from them always makes me smile!!!
  7. I've been watching high cam since The Cavaliers. The Cadets come on and I look up and I'm seeing closeups. OK, who's messing with my computer?
  8. I always get a chuckle when I sign in early to Flo. On the screen it says "this event is pre-air". Well if something is pre-air doesn't it mean that it is before air? If it is before air wouldn't that be the definition of a vacuum? Don't we use a vacuum to clean things? So does this mean all of the corps will be marching clean shows tonight?
  9. One of my all time favorite drum corps moments was watching Gail Royer direct Send In The Clowns after SCV won their championship in Montreal. On a side note, I remember being upset that SCV won with a score of 94.00. 94.00, how can any corps score that high!!! My, how times have changed.
  10. Great effect!!! How will the Cadets be able to create those fireworks in Lucas Oil???
  11. I had the same type of problem during the last five corps at the Rose Bowl. Flo suggested clearing my cache memory, which I did, and tonight it's working fine. (I'm using Chrome.) Also make sure you power down your system after you clear your cache.
  12. Creative Editing. Not only did they have Bluecoats performing before The Blue Devils, on Finals night, but you got to see Bluecoats marching behind The Blue Devils as Dave Gibbs was giving his pre show speech, reinforcing that the Blue Devils went on last!!!
  13. Back in 2010 Broken Arrow's show was based on the Wizard of Oz and they filled the field with bicycles.
  14. I was at that show and there was a band, I don't remember which one, who used light boxes like the Colts had last year. But these boxes worked properly and were very effective. As for Broken Arrow, they definitely had a traffic jam trying to clear the field of their pit, band proper and then their carts. They need to figure a better way to clear the field before they go to Indy in a few weeks.
  15. It's not Blue Devils . . . . . . It's not Carolina Crown , , , , , It's not The Cadets (Garfield, Holy Name or even of Bergen County) . . . . . . It's not Phantom Regiment . . . . . . It's not The Cavaliers . . . . . . It's not Santa Clara Vanguard . . . . . . It's not Star of Indiana . . . . . . It's not Madison Scouts . . . . . . It's not Anaheim Kingsmen . . . . . . It's not even Blue Coats . . . . . . This year's DCI Champion is ONLY ONE WORD . . . . . . BLUECOATS ! ! ! ! ! !