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  1. Can't argue with your groupings, just wish "my" Corps were doing better. Haha!
  2. @CorpsScores: Per @DCI tonight is the first time Blue Knights have ever outscored The Cadets.
  3. About the show from the MCDC Program Coordinator, Tracy Carter.
  4. EVERYONE has a chance. Don't you recall those fantasy DCP threads whereby homers get their Corps into Finals by concocting outrageous scenarios? But I hope you're right!
  5. Only known to those in the most inner circles, but the 2017 Academy show was really about stalking the elusive capybara. Had they only thought to look on DCP.
  6. If they made it easy to figure out, what would we argue about here on DCP? 😉 Seriously -- I think they did some score averaging before racking/stacking/randomizing which put BD in the first threesome. And I think the averaging is specific shows, not just their last 3. Just guessing here.
  7. Now I can't sleep for the creepy crawlies. Thx a lot! 🙂
  8. I wasn't sure that was the same ad or not. I finally resorted to an ad blocker add on, so I don't know if that fixed it or you beat me to it, but it's gone for now. Thx!
  9. FYI: I'm hearing PC skipped the standstill due to the heavy emphasis of electronics in their show.
  10. Oh I'd try to get them to say something really outrageous and then call them on it. That usually shuts them up for the rest of the show.
  11. I've been trying to access the forums for about 20 minutes from my iPhone, but every time I do I get this popup ad which completely shuts down access to the forums. Says I'm one of 10 users who has a chance to win a $1000 Visa gift card or $1000 walmart (sic) giftcard (sic). Sure -- you betcha! It's coming from the website: which in itself seems really shady just based on the name. Please blacklist this from the DCP ads. Thanks!
  12. PC Fam and Friends group reports Bronco employee says final status would be announced 8pm Mountain time.
  13. The Guard Guardians -- They perch in the stands, eyes glued on the guard. Every movement, toss, or catch is rewarded with thunderous applause and vocalizations of approval. Every misstep is likewise rewarded with verbal thoughts of encouragement. They are known for an unbreakable iron will or else they'd be out on the field trying to assist every member. Since the advent of amplification, the one guaranteed Guard Guardian-free zone is directly in front of the speakers as these folks must be heard.
  14. The ThreadEnders -- Their innocuous but ignorant reply to a thread completely derails the discussion to the extent that the discussion members move elsewhere. And they wonder why they get no like tags. Mea Culpa -- I've been guilty of this a few times.
  15. Pacific Crest photog says 1 hr delay -- lightning in the area.
  16. I don't think Music City's show was about Hell per se, but that Casey Jones drove trains like a bat out of Hell. I just enjoyed the show.
  17. Take the DCI Announcer's script literally -- whenever something mildly exciting happens on the field, STAND UP and cheer. Do this often. Your neighbors in the stands will appreciate your enthusiasm, generally with offerings of various concession items hurled in your direction, programs, and the occasional baby (the only item than MUST be returned to its owner). Have fun!!!
  18. After Atlanta and I see everybody, my vote may change -- probably add a few more.
  19. Yep on PR: NOT the show I saw at the movies. I was impressed.
  20. I was thinking about that when I was posting. Do the best you can. The fact I can post pics from the app makes it a MUST HAVE APP for Drum Corps Season.
  21. Feature request (has been mentioned before): A way to like (with all the variations) posts.
  22. Leaving the parking lot -- then comes the rain. The DCI gods were smiling on us tonight.
  23. Moment of silence for Jim Ott and then Let It Be Me. I'm in tears.