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  1. I think many on DCP have done more than just allude to the need for Crown percussion to do more. Frankly, I think what's eluded you is how hard these members and staff work.
  2. Thanks! Looks like she was able to copy a certain feed, so I don't expect it will stay up long. As you say, the coverage was decent, but I'm glad to see even more were participating the old fashioned way -- clapping, cheering, waving, getting on their feet, etc. Thanks again!
  3. Yep -- I've seen that one from earlier in the season. I was hoping for one taken on Finals night where hopefully more folks would know about and use the app.
  4. Has anyone been able to find any backfield videos of Crown's show at FINALS showing the app lights and colors?
  5. One gate open -- East Gate Multiple lines to enter at that gate. When we entered (around 5:15) there were about 4 Express (no bags) lines open. Those lines basically made a long "U" down toward the street and back. Probably 100 or so folks in each line. I believe there were 3 non-Express lines. Two wrapped around the North side of LOS (towards downtown) and then towards the West Gate. As I've mentioned in other threads, the "normal" line beside the last Express line was surprisingly empty -- maybe 60 folks or less. We jumped in it and frankly forgot about anything else but our good fortune. As in previous years, the East Gate entrance funnels folks thru the Marketplace before you get to your seats. It's also the closest gate to the ticket office. We had those expensive "VIP" tickets (Super 3), but no special entrance for us. Finally, we've ALWAYS been able to use the North gate to exit LOS. This is the one where the Corps equipment trucks are and where they get their group photos. I don't know when it would have been closed.
  6. We had several seat surfers in our section (139). They all vacated peaceably when the seat holders arrived. A few MM seemed amazed these seats were all reserved. At Semis, there was a 30ish couple seated beside me that wasn't there at Prelims. We decided to leave after Crown as we'd see the remaining Corps at Finals plus too many interruptions between performances. I asked them if they had tickets to those seats. They truthfully said no, so I told them to take ours for the rest of the evening.
  7. Of course. I would be in Vet 70 (sigh!) if I still fenced. I just HATE blade repairs -- I'm no armorer. All the best this season!!!
  8. A number of us were hoping you would be right. But there's next year and hope springs eternal.
  9. I love this!!! Fenced in college -- foil but I was an emergency stand-in for sabre when a teammate was sick. Learned a few sabre parries but mostly relied on a point attack which flummoxed more than a few opponents. Being a lefty probably helped, too. OK -- don't want to derail the topic. Carry on.
  10. Yes -- *somebody* (DCI or LOS) should have been in charge of "line communication". -- Letting folks know Express lines were open for those w/o bags. -- Trying to usher folks from the long line into the newly opened shorter lines at the East Gate. I forgot my CompSci queuing theory, but I think one line that splits into multiple service lines (the old bank tellers analogy) works better than several separate long lines. It breaks down when folks don't know there are shorter lines ahead and just assume their line is all they got.
  11. I wish more folks would have been a little more skeptical and actually checked out the situation at the entrance.
  12. Didn't Crown lose part of their design team to BAC around 6 years ago? It takes time to see the results or rebuild.
  13. After the last standing ovation at Finals, I turned to The Wife and said "I don't really care how they score it, that show was FUN!"
  14. OK -- After watching some of the DCI classic videos shown in LOS, let's say a corps marching its anniversary year does a throwback to those early years of unison drill. And let's say they march it to near perfection. (We'll ignore the music portion for now.) Would it score better (or the same) than more modern drill writing? I'm hoping the sheets allow for either style drill and give the proper credit for excellence of execution.
  15. Ok thanks! I saw that but apparently skimmed too quickly thinking it was about the Corps more than the event.
  16. I was hoping Blue Stars would do something with the cannons. Maybe compressed air shooting out streamers? Or is compressed air verboten?
  17. Probably as good as we're going to get until DCI publishes something. Thanks!
  18. Do you have a link to this info? I couldn't find anything official.
  19. Going back to the original topic: Do you have a link for this? I found this in an old DCP thread. The numbers that I have match the ones posted back then. Just doing the LOS era. 2009 17,865 Indianapolis, IN 2010 15,765 Indianapolis, IN 2011 17,363 Indianapolis, IN 2012 17,820 Indianapolis, IN 2013 20,381 Indianapolis, IN 2014 21,378 Indianapolis, IN 2015 22,085 Indianapolis, IN 2016 22,200 Indianapolis, IN 2017 23,342 Indianapolis, IN I found a different count for 2015 -- 24,638 from DCI. I had thought I found the figures for 2019, but I was on my phone and lost the link. It'd be nice if DCI would follow other "Major Leagues" and post the attendance along with the "box scores". (Yeah, I know. They want to get scores out way faster than the final attendance count.) Anyway -- still looking for confirmation on the 2022 attendance. Thanks!
  20. I seem to recall the video shown in LOS showed Bill Ives' name. I could be mistaken since I recognized him right off.
  21. Dan did a nice interview with Bill that was shown several times at LOS and promoting the offsite exhibit.
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