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  1. I'm hearing through the rumor mill that Spirit is dropping their cymbal line for the upcoming season. I hope it's not true as they've had some fantastic lines in the past. I think they've even won some I&E's. Anyone else hearing the same rumor?
  2. Always a big Troopers fan, but only met Fred in passing. Last time was just before a performance in Indy. He was walking up the stairs to the staff section to watch his Corps. I was on the aisle and of course recognized "the hat". I said "Go Troop!" as he passed by. Got a nice pat on the back. Happy Retirement!
  3. I think you're correct. Got my email notification today. Section 139 Row 19.
  4. Same here. So this year I decided I was going to take care of The Wife and myself first. We waited too long last season with those same questions -- and wound up with not the greatest of seats.
  5. I put in my order (first time for me) while at Indy. I just got an email today about placing an order, so I guess they haven't processed anything yet.
  6. They asked where we sat -- in ticketed seats, moved up, moved down, moved closer to 50, or moved further from 50.
  7. For those who've purchased Finals tix, but aren't getting the survey: This year's survey email had a BIG link to opt out of future surveys and a small button underneath to start the survey. I don't recall previous email formats, but could you have clicked the opt out link by mistake in a previous year? (I almost did this year.) Does DCI have a way to opt back in?
  8. Got the survey, but hadn't looked at it yet. I suspect some of these questions come from the Indy Visitors Bureau and are driven by business requests.
  9. Football -- Sometimes if you move, you get penalized. Drum Corps -- If you don't move, you get penalized. Football -- The guards don't carry weapons and often have flags thrown their way. Drum Corps -- The Guard is heavily armed and often throw flags, sometimes to each other. And the obvious: Football: You get paid to play. Drum Corps: You pay to play. Hmmm ... new thread?
  10. @CorpsScores: #DCA2019 #DCAFinals A: 03-Govenaires-77.125
  11. Southern Knights FB page says 77.475 is their highest score ever! Congrats!
  12. Thanks for being our eyes and ears again! The bills from ATL and Indy arrived this week, so no more traveling for me until next season. Sigh!
  13. I think Southern Knights is Open Class. Early Corps are mixed Class A and Open based on scores. I think.
  14. I totally disagree. Spirit did this already and it didn't quite work as folks wished. After placing 11th in 2013, they changed direction with "Magnolia" in 2014, placing 17th. "Georgia" in 2016 placed 21st. They are making their way back to Finals. Let them find their own way.
  15. Actually -- it's me. A while back I added Firefox Focus as a content blocker to Safari to block those pop up ads which cannot be closed. While that appears to be working well, it also appears to be messing with some embedded content. When I temporarily disabled it, I can see the above link like I used to. I will see if there is a setting where I can whitelist some sites. Otherwise, I'll live with it. Thanks!
  16. I miss the days when you could actually ride in the front car. The Wife and I were going to a park restaurant for our Anniversary (wearing our Anniversary buttons) and a cast member ushered us up front. Magical!
  17. Nope -- I'm good. Instead of trying to figure out the theme, just sit back and enjoy the music.
  18. On my Desktop in Chrome, I can see the full FB page, so I guess the problem is only on viewing DCP on Safari/iPhone.
  19. Using DCP in Safari/iPhone. I've noticed recently (oh -- past several weeks) when I paste a link to a FB post/article, it's not expanded like previously. Previously, it would expand to a picture of the page. You could click on it and go to the original post. Now it just gives you the title text. It may provide a link, but I haven't got anything to work or it just goes to the "home" page of the group that made the post. I tried the following link in a text msg and it expanded as it used to do here on DCP. So, I don't think FB changed, but can't be sure. Let me know if you need more info. Thx!
  20. As are Open Class Corps. I saw a Southwind FB post about 2020 auditions. Came out the day after Finals