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  1. On 4/21/2020 at 3:19 PM, Bob984 said:


    (3) the first half of the season would be regional,  and the corps would not all be in the same weekend until Allentown.  Even then, there may be corps who do not go


         head to head until championships......this would actually ADD to the competitive suspense.....

    A lot of fans in Atlanta and other regional sites (where all the corps compete) would likely miss their only opportunity to see all the Corps together if they couldn't travel to Allentown or Indy.

  2. 1 hour ago, keystone3ply said:

    I received those emails for my (3) DCI ticketed events with those 2 options as well.  I also purchased other events via Ticketmaster.  So far, the only email I've received for those events, states that I will receive a refund to the credit card used for purchase for the Detroit Premiere Show.  I have not received an email for St Louis Mid-West or the Prelim, Semis, & Finals events.   

    Just got my email for DCI Super 3 Tickets. Options were to donate or roll over for next year. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, wonker said:

    the problem with Boston was a conflict with an agreement a luxury car manufacturer had to use the song in their ad campaign that included exclusivity, if I recall correctly.

    I seem to recall DCI has been bitten in the past with "timing" issues like this -- a product owns the rights to a tune for the duration of their ad campaign and prevents DCI from using it on its videos.

    Wasn't "New York State of Mind" in this category? (I may be totally misremembering -- it's early and pre-coffee.)

  4. I found out around the middle of last season the Fire TV app Flo Sports also shows Flo's DCI events. It worked pretty well for me last year. This year I added a Bose sound bar which adds adds a little more bass. Don't know if Samsung TVs have Flo as a native app or not -- I'll need to check. (The Fire TV is on my office Panasonic.)

    Looking forward to this season!

  5. 8 minutes ago, RetiredMusTeach said:

    On Facebook, Crown says Jim Coates is still the Exec Director/CEO.  This is for Corps Director.

    I (like others) want to know the difference between the job descriptions. Did Jim do both jobs?

  6. We were at Disney World for Christmas and by chance wore Crown, PC, and Cavies shirts on the same day. We were hoping to see/talk with other Drum Corps fans/families, but only talked to a Glassmen couple and we saw a Phantom Regiment shirt. I seem to recall more DCI folks in previous years. Probably no correlation to anything.