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  1. 4 minutes ago, MikeRapp said:

    I’ll go one. Further. I wish they would become a southern jazz corps. They need an identity, as does every group, and what they did this year, while interesting and challenging, Felt sloppy and not very focused. I don’t think 2019 is the direction for success.

    I totally disagree.  Spirit did this already and it didn't quite work as folks wished. After placing 11th in 2013, they changed direction with "Magnolia" in 2014, placing 17th.  "Georgia" in 2016 placed 21st.

    They are making their way back to Finals. Let them find their own way.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, JohnD said:

    I have just applied the most recent update to the system, now that things have settled down a bit.  

    Let's see if the update resolves the issues you've experienced .... otherwise, I'll have to report the issue.



    Actually -- it's me.  A while back I added Firefox Focus as a content blocker to Safari to block those pop up ads which cannot be closed.  While that appears to be working well, it also appears to be messing with some embedded content. When I temporarily disabled it, I can see the above link like I used to.

    I will see if there is a setting where I can whitelist some sites. Otherwise, I'll live with it.


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  3. 7 hours ago, karuna said:

    And when he does leave Crown can just go ride the Disney monorail all day with Klesch driving and Harloff on the mic in the back!

    I miss the days when you could actually ride in the front car. The Wife and I were going to a park restaurant for our Anniversary (wearing our Anniversary buttons) and a cast member ushered us up front.


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  4. Using DCP in Safari/iPhone.

    I've noticed recently (oh -- past several weeks) when I paste a link to a FB post/article, it's not expanded like previously.

    Previously, it would expand to a picture of the page. You could click on it and go to the original post.

    Now it just gives you the title text. It may provide a link, but I haven't got anything to work or it just goes to the "home" page of the group that made the post.

    I tried the following link in a text msg and it expanded as it used to do here on DCP.  So, I don't think FB changed, but can't be sure. 

    Let me know if you need more info. Thx!


  5. 2 hours ago, cixelsyd said:

    For the corps not previously mentioned:

    • SCV has a "become a member" section permanently built into their website menu format.
    • Carolina Crown promises audition info coming first of September.
    • Boston Crusaders have a permanent "audition" section on their site with an interest form you can fill out, even though registration info is not yet available.
    • Blue Knights website immediately splashes a "register today!" graphic, soliciting interest in their 2020 corps.
    • There is an "audition" button on Blue Stars home page.
    • Mandarins website directs interested parties to their Facebook 2020 interest group.
    • First of rotating Crossmen graphics says "2020 registration now live".
    • Phantom Regiment home page has a big "Looking for audition information?  Click Here" button.

    I think it is safe to say that Cadets are not the only corps currently recruiting for 2020.

    As are Open Class Corps. I saw a Southwind FB post about 2020 auditions. Came out the day after Finals  


  6. 3 hours ago, Fred Windish said:

    How ‘bout .. . 

    Go With the Flo !

    Any of our Finalist Corps does their usual outstanding performance but, half-way through,  STOPS  abruptly and walks off the field. Leaving the entire audience screaming and shaking their fists !




    And brass tears are expected and should be judged as part of the show. There will often be drill in complete silence. There will be the obligatory fly over fabric lettered "Please Wait.  Resetting your connection." while the Corps plays underneath. This, of course, happens frequently. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Musicman1084 said:


    Still no drum corps show about drum corps to my knowledge. I think that makes it the only one of the "big three" circuits in the marching arts that hasn't had one.

    Blue Knights Indoor Percussion circa ~2001 did a show called "In the Lot" and was essentially them pulling into a drum corps show, setting up, warming up, and running a show chunk as their closer.

    Westfield HS won BOA in 2003 with their show "Because We Are..." which started with the quote "This is a show about being in band."


    Baaaaaaby Shark, doo-doo-do-do-doo-doo!

    I could see a Corps doing "A Day In The Life" -- following their typical show day thru music. Everyone wakes up and goes thru the line (at the Pit) for breakfast.  You could "rewind" reps during "rehearsal" (somebody did that a while ago), show the lot (drum break and brass feature), and the closer would be, of course, their performance.

    Free for the asking -- just give me and @Musicman1084 a credit in the DCI Annual. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Dr.Mickey said:

    I want to hear Crown play Hans Zimmer “This Land” from the Lion King. Any show concept will do. 

    I also want to hear BD playing some of The Incredibles, which is really some pretty awesome music. 

    Anytime The Incredibles is on TV, I'll stop and watch -- just for the incredible music. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, boxingfred said:
    • CHANGE- There are to many non-judge-able elements in drum corps shows. ( singers, choirs,violins, guitars and all the electronic sounds that are produced ) The judging has to evolve at the same rate as the shows.

    Someone please correct me, but wasn't Madison's entry on the field -- while magnificent and a crowd-pleaser -- not judged as the performance hadn't officially started?

    Loved it by the way and well as BD's last season. 

    (Hi Fred! We missed seeing you this year!)

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  10. 9 minutes ago, Rusty said:

    Adjusting the interior temperature of an NFL stadium to desirable levels is exceptionally challenging.  I read someplace that the Houston Texans worked with a meteorologist to devise rules for if and when to open the roof on NRG Stadium.  

    In Indy, LOS's managers would have had to contend with the following:

    • The August heat
    • Constant entrances and exits, likely many more than are encountered during a football game
    • Constantly fluctuating spectator numbers that never hit more than 50% of the stadium's capacity (translation: fewer warm bodies to heat up the interior ambient temperature).  

    I suppose it's possible that DCI and LOS colluded to gin up souvie sales by cranking the A/C to subarctic levels, but I suspect that there's a much simpler and less sinister reason: trying to get the interior temperature to a desirable level inside one of those caverns is a lot harder than setting the thermostat to 78°.

    And those drapes cannot help with the air flow. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Super Don-O said:

    There have been some "best of" shows such as '03 Cadets "Our Favorite Things" or '90 Cadets "A Bernstein Celebration"

    Also, VK used to throw in a lot of references to other corps, such as the Bottle Dance in '92  "NOT"

    I guess I'm thinking of something like VK -- though not too campy.  Not a single show about a single Corps, but the activity as a whole.

    Would folks get upset if a Corps did a frantic drill set that included a delta, crown, fleur-de-lis, etc. as a tribute?

    What about a little history tracing, like Madison and BD did recently on the starting line? The guard could be in the old style uniforms with the white marching boots -- of course there'd be a costume change later on.

    Just brainstorming here.