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  1. Using DCP in Safari/iPhone. I've noticed recently (oh -- past several weeks) when I paste a link to a FB post/article, it's not expanded like previously. Previously, it would expand to a picture of the page. You could click on it and go to the original post. Now it just gives you the title text. It may provide a link, but I haven't got anything to work or it just goes to the "home" page of the group that made the post. I tried the following link in a text msg and it expanded as it used to do here on DCP. So, I don't think FB changed, but can't be sure. Let me know if you need more info. Thx!
  2. As are Open Class Corps. I saw a Southwind FB post about 2020 auditions. Came out the day after Finals
  3. And brass tears are expected and should be judged as part of the show. There will often be drill in complete silence. There will be the obligatory fly over fabric lettered "Please Wait. Resetting your connection." while the Corps plays underneath. This, of course, happens frequently.
  4. Happens quite often. Sometimes they have time to beef up the book (and even planned on it) and sometimes they just have to live with it.
  5. Oh -- You mean this one? Thanks! I thought so, too.
  6. Fun video from FloMarching about PC dealing with the weather before their last performance.
  7. I could see a Corps doing "A Day In The Life" -- following their typical show day thru music. Everyone wakes up and goes thru the line (at the Pit) for breakfast. You could "rewind" reps during "rehearsal" (somebody did that a while ago), show the lot (drum break and brass feature), and the closer would be, of course, their performance. Free for the asking -- just give me and @Musicman1084 a credit in the DCI Annual.
  8. Anytime The Incredibles is on TV, I'll stop and watch -- just for the incredible music.
  9. Someone please correct me, but wasn't Madison's entry on the field -- while magnificent and a crowd-pleaser -- not judged as the performance hadn't officially started? Loved it by the way and well as BD's last season. (Hi Fred! We missed seeing you this year!)
  10. For the person who purchased BD's tap shoes: Please call me and maybe we can work something out. I have Academy's but I need more for our revival of "42nd Street"! 1-800-GOT-DANCE
  11. And those drapes cannot help with the air flow.
  12. We'll even throw in Goliath. Turn the boards upside down and he'll aerate your lawn.
  13. I guess I'm thinking of something like VK -- though not too campy. Not a single show about a single Corps, but the activity as a whole. Would folks get upset if a Corps did a frantic drill set that included a delta, crown, fleur-de-lis, etc. as a tribute? What about a little history tracing, like Madison and BD did recently on the starting line? The guard could be in the old style uniforms with the white marching boots -- of course there'd be a costume change later on. Just brainstorming here.
  14. Yep. This is a pretty good technical description. Even if you use a "concert" chanter (tuned closer to standard concert pitch), there are notes that don't quite match up. That gives bagpipes its character or drives some folks quite mad.
  15. Has anyone done a Drum Corps show about Drum Corps? Maybe an homage alluding (NOT duplicating) great shows of the past. OK -- if you want to kill off the DM at the end, I'll buy that. But you gotta have "Tinkerbell" from Crown's "Grass Is Always Greener" do it.
  16. I LOVE this!!! And make everyone (including the pit) tune to the pipe scale.
  17. We're sorry to report the magnificent mountain sculpture is no longer available. It has recently been purchased by a brewery in Golden Colorado for their headquarters.
  18. Life-sized Goliath figure. Head not included. 1-800-555-4BAC
  19. Row three on 443 and then 444. I think we were directly under a vent.
  20. Aw c'mon -- we can do more (better?). Or is the fact there aren't as many memorable props this year a factor? Is that a good or bad thing?
  21. OR Trying to cool the 640s (it was rather stuffy up there) resulted in max cooling for the lower sections as the cooler air sunk to the masses below.
  22. The Wife was trapped by this nefarious scheme. Had to buy a Crown jacket for the 440s section. No problems in the nosebleed section -- 640s. I guess they suppose folks up there aren't rolling in disposable $$$, therefore DCI/LOS can save a little on the cooling bill in those areas.