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  1. Nice write-up on PC's season:
  2. If they hold to past tradition, each Crossman will carry a Spirit member's delta during their Finals performance.
  3. Don't know which I like better -- a great mello sustain or a great mello sustain with a scale up to the stratosphere. Nice!!!
  4. And now he's dragged turf t*rds all over the yard line numbers.
  5. Don't know who gets the biggest applause -- PR or Brandt's traditional announcement.
  6. Asked the Spartans DM about BDB and VC not being here. Is their championship with an asterisk?
  7. Just like a tic -- if the judge didn't see it, it didn't happen. Not seeing a penalty.
  8. I've been missing this -- near misses of course, not collisions.
  9. End of tour and out of WD-40. Some of those grid pole wheels are a little squeaky.
  10. Testing -- trying to quote another post and getting the 500 Internal Server Error.
  11. Did the teacher make you change the ribbons, too? Blindfolded wearing boxing gloves?
  12. Ugh -- I was typing something on my smartphone the other day saying such-and-such Corps needs to step up and "seal the deal" and the autocorrect kept trying to change seal to deal and wouldn't let me finish. Sheesh! And we've all seen autocorrect fail threads.
  13. Ah, but as my Junior High typing teacher always pointed out: Is that 80 CORRECT words per minute? She always made us count the words and do the calcs during speed tests. And this was on old manual typewriters... Uphill both ways... In the snow.
  14. And won't that push the age-out ceremony a bit later? Odd for me, too.
  15. I talked with the staff briefly yesterday after they performed. They said PC was caught in the rain during warmups, so they went on and did the best they could. Which was pretty awesome. Hoping for just as great tonight!
  16. Also highest score in PC's history. We ran into the PC staff at Harry & Izzy's. They said they were in Military Park getting ready to warm up when the deluge hit. So -- they went on with no warm up. What will they do tomorrow WITH a proper warm up?