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  1. Yes -- it's the "Where's Waldo?" phenomenon as mentioned elsewhere on the Forum. ($1 to the kitty as I don't recall who said it first.)
  2. CorpsScores says Southwind got Most Improved. @CorpsScores: â‘¢ #DCI2019 #DCIOpenFinals Spartans-Brass, Guard, Visual, GeneralEffect Legends-Percussion Southwind-MostImproved Battalion-DirectorOfYear
  3. Then they figured out how to filter out the creaks and groans from their furniture props out of the audio feed? Last time I heard them, it was like they didn't have any brass.
  4. Must have had a really off night -- they scored a point better 2 days ago which would have put them about 4th in perc tonight (just eyeballing).
  5. From CorpsScores: Heat Wave - 62.55 Colt Cadets - 64.075 Shadow - 67.275 Golden Empire - 71.225 Guardians - 72.2 River City Rhythm - 72.825 7th Regiment - 72.9 Louisiana Stars - 73.875 Southwind - 74.35 Legends - 77.55 Gold - 78.45 Spartans - 79.825
  6. I wonder how long Samantha Brown will be driving before she realizes she doesn't have her wallet?
  7. REALLY nice job for a small ensemble. Writing for limited instrumentation is hard, but it still sounded full. I agree with BlueStarsDad -- I want to see them in Indy.
  8. Teachers -- don't you wish your students were as well behaved as this young man?
  9. Oh FLO!!! I know the brass is playing 'cause I can see their fingers moving, but all I hear is the front ensemble.
  10. That's why I like WC Prelims -- so many really nice, dare I say great, shows you won't see any more this season.
  11. I do enjoy it when the guard gets something different to spin.
  12. Time keeper had that "1" card in the air for an awfully long time.
  13. I don't care who plays it -- Crown or Legends -- I LOVE the chord changes in the Abyss!
  14. Watching the time keeper with the number cards and the front ensemble setting up. I wonder if the electronics folks have color-coded hookups or numbered plugs so they don't have to think as much when getting everything connected -- with the time constraints?
  15. Did they spell out "Free" at the end. Flo (multi-cam) didn't give me a good look at it. Seems logical with the theme. Great job Southwind!!!!!
  16. I've got the sound muted until Southwind comes on. Trying to sneak in a few minutes of work -- documenting software. Sigh!
  17. It's a lot easier switching between feeds with the Fire TV and the Flo app (sorry @Terri Schehr). Press the back/return button and your choice of feeds appears. Choose the one you want and off you go.
  18. If I recall correctly, they do. Of course, keeping the last scores until the end. EDIT: This is for Prelims at Lucas, not OC Prelims.
  19. Samantha Brown -- but you have to show your ID to claim your wallet.