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  1. Glad someone else knows what it is. Haven't seen one in years, but I don't get out much anymore.
  2. Took intermission to drop by the DCI booth and get tix for 2020. The nice padded comfy seats. No more waiting to the last minute for nosebleeds.
  3. "Ahoy there" someone in the stands shouts. Got a bit of a chuckle.
  4. Noticed Gold is marching some euphoniums. Didn't have this thread this season -- we usually bring it up.
  5. The stadium/DCI/Tom Blair has a foam sound enclosure for any of the Corps that bring generators. It appears to work pretty good.
  6. Moved down front to see Southwind. Awesome!!! I REALLY want to see this show again tomorrow.
  7. @kevingamin nerdy tech question: blogging from smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Thanks as always!!!
  8. And she's still working on the mixer. Not sure if it's fixed and just running sound now or not. Sitting outside speakers.
  9. I love the Les Stentors show -- live vocalists and nice solos. Sounded like they played an old Crown number. (Just started back on this page.) Edit: Danzon #2. Plus Liebertango (sp?) the Son played on his recital.
  10. Had to give it a sad tag. That's why I try to watch the early Prelims shows.
  11. It's PRELIMS day!!! Let's all get behind Crown! What better way than to watch the excitement that is Matt Harloff jumping in the brass circle during warmups. (Sorry if this has been posted here before -- just saw it, thought it was cool. Has very high GE and Music scores.)
  12. (I give up -- I tried quoting your predictions, but then somehow erased them in my reply and now DCP won't display them anymore.) Crown takes Bronze, Spirit makes Finals, and PC ends up it's highest at 15th -- I can get behind that.
  13. I think it was ATL last year we waited too long to get good seats, so we were on around the 15 or so. The seats were angled so we got a decent view, but we were definitely outside some Corps' speakers. General impressions: too often I could hear the pit (from the speaker) above the brass when the brass was on the 50 aiming for the press box. There were a few brass features on our side (side 2) which were wonderful. Can't recall much else. Sorry.
  14. Yes -- it's the "Where's Waldo?" phenomenon as mentioned elsewhere on the Forum. ($1 to the kitty as I don't recall who said it first.)
  15. CorpsScores says Southwind got Most Improved. @CorpsScores: â‘¢ #DCI2019 #DCIOpenFinals Spartans-Brass, Guard, Visual, GeneralEffect Legends-Percussion Southwind-MostImproved Battalion-DirectorOfYear
  16. Then they figured out how to filter out the creaks and groans from their furniture props out of the audio feed? Last time I heard them, it was like they didn't have any brass.
  17. Must have had a really off night -- they scored a point better 2 days ago which would have put them about 4th in perc tonight (just eyeballing).
  18. From CorpsScores: Heat Wave - 62.55 Colt Cadets - 64.075 Shadow - 67.275 Golden Empire - 71.225 Guardians - 72.2 River City Rhythm - 72.825 7th Regiment - 72.9 Louisiana Stars - 73.875 Southwind - 74.35 Legends - 77.55 Gold - 78.45 Spartans - 79.825
  19. I wonder how long Samantha Brown will be driving before she realizes she doesn't have her wallet?
  20. REALLY nice job for a small ensemble. Writing for limited instrumentation is hard, but it still sounded full. I agree with BlueStarsDad -- I want to see them in Indy.
  21. Teachers -- don't you wish your students were as well behaved as this young man?