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  1. Nice guard flag solo on the podium!!!! Simple but unique.
  2. Looks like one tune escaped the 'Coats. Nice job on the solo!
  3. Might be. I'm also thinking sewing machines maybe. The mind is a terrible thing to waste......
  4. I'm getting flashbacks to a WC show a few years back with this initial setup. Someone please remind me which show it was.
  5. The audio I'm getting from Flo sounds a little harsh. Viewing from the office with just the TV speakers, but still. Anyone else?
  6. I gave my FireStick to my son and got a "renewed" (refurbished) Fire TV (full box) with a wired Ethernet connector. Hoping for no more problems for you!
  7. I hear there's a Drum Corps show going on.... I also see a Mod browsing this thread, so....
  8. For me -- it doesn't have the anxiety of an actual performance. I can hold my breath for only so long. Here I can sit back and just enjoy.
  9. Yes -- the sound is there and I see what he's doing with the flag. Edit: But a wide sash of fabric (to be visible up top) with a little weight in the middle to help it twirl nicely might be a good effect. It doesn't have to be an actual sling in size or proportion.
  10. How many TOC shows have there been this season? Either there haven't been that many or else they haven't been promoted as such or I just missed them. In years past, they had as many shows as participants and everyone was rotated among all the slots -- you went on first, last, and every spot in between. Has this changed this year?
  11. And I think they are doing it. I've noticed over the past 2-3 seasons, the battery has been given a lot more "face time" (if you will) with the perc judge. Almost daring him to score them down. It also puts the battery literally on the spot to bring their A-game. The results are speaking for themselves.
  12. We may not be in the running for the Sanford just yet, but did anyone think we'd even be having this discussion after say 2013?
  13. It used to be when you mentioned Crown and a top caption, everyone assumed brass. Now, folks will start asking brass or percussion? Great job EVERYONE!
  14. Yep -- the Son played trombone like me but learned bari. Well, not like me -- much better.
  15. Be prepared for some sticker shock. It's pricey. But I thought it was worth it -- got their signature steak. YUMMMMM!
  16. We went to St Elmo's once just to say we've been there. $$$$$$ Now we go to its sister restaurant Izzy's next door. Almost the same cuisine and the shrimp cocktail is to die for. Literally. So spicy it'll do a number on your sinuses. But -- soooooo good.
  17. And all clothing must be clear. Er ... bags must be cleared ... uh ... transparent. Oh ... never mind.
  18. Earlier in the thread someone said it was for entering the field too early. Might know more tomorrow.
  19. I've got Comcast, too (and Fire TV). But, I'm running the Ethernet via the house wiring (Powerline) so I can wire up in any room. Working OK so far.