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  1. Oh FLO!!! I know the brass is playing 'cause I can see their fingers moving, but all I hear is the front ensemble.
  2. That's why I like WC Prelims -- so many really nice, dare I say great, shows you won't see any more this season.
  3. I do enjoy it when the guard gets something different to spin.
  4. Time keeper had that "1" card in the air for an awfully long time.
  5. I don't care who plays it -- Crown or Legends -- I LOVE the chord changes in the Abyss!
  6. Watching the time keeper with the number cards and the front ensemble setting up. I wonder if the electronics folks have color-coded hookups or numbered plugs so they don't have to think as much when getting everything connected -- with the time constraints?
  7. Did they spell out "Free" at the end. Flo (multi-cam) didn't give me a good look at it. Seems logical with the theme. Great job Southwind!!!!!
  8. I've got the sound muted until Southwind comes on. Trying to sneak in a few minutes of work -- documenting software. Sigh!
  9. It's a lot easier switching between feeds with the Fire TV and the Flo app (sorry @Terri Schehr). Press the back/return button and your choice of feeds appears. Choose the one you want and off you go.
  10. If I recall correctly, they do. Of course, keeping the last scores until the end. EDIT: This is for Prelims at Lucas, not OC Prelims.
  11. Samantha Brown -- but you have to show your ID to claim your wallet.
  12. Nice guard flag solo on the podium!!!! Simple but unique.
  13. Looks like one tune escaped the 'Coats. Nice job on the solo!
  14. Might be. I'm also thinking sewing machines maybe. The mind is a terrible thing to waste......
  15. I'm getting flashbacks to a WC show a few years back with this initial setup. Someone please remind me which show it was.
  16. The audio I'm getting from Flo sounds a little harsh. Viewing from the office with just the TV speakers, but still. Anyone else?
  17. I gave my FireStick to my son and got a "renewed" (refurbished) Fire TV (full box) with a wired Ethernet connector. Hoping for no more problems for you!
  18. I hear there's a Drum Corps show going on.... I also see a Mod browsing this thread, so....
  19. For me -- it doesn't have the anxiety of an actual performance. I can hold my breath for only so long. Here I can sit back and just enjoy.
  20. Yes -- the sound is there and I see what he's doing with the flag. Edit: But a wide sash of fabric (to be visible up top) with a little weight in the middle to help it twirl nicely might be a good effect. It doesn't have to be an actual sling in size or proportion.