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  1. On the topic of Blu-Rays, I wonder if DCI is going to release a Decades collection like they did for 00-09 since they have 10-19 all in stock and all on Blu-Ray
  2. I remember hearing during the season that Gabriel's Oboe and Carmina Burana were being discussed in the same light as Circus, Hamilton, and Zeppelin, so it wasn't a shock out of nowhere to see it, but it still really stings. At least I'll always have the visual memory of the wall of reverence from the battery during the big crescendo hit.
  3. I'm but a simple man. I see DCI Blu-Ray and express shipping option, I order DCI Blu-Ray and express shipping option.
  4. I learned that my piece my Junior Year and movements 1 and 3 were such a pain, especially since my articulation was never the best around that time. That second movement though... I'll play that all day.
  5. CDs are up for pre-order! https://store.dci.org/collections/cds/products/dcirnv8121-2019-world-championships-cd-set
  6. "Good afternoon, DCI!I was wondering if there were any updates regarding the 2019 CDs and Blu-Rays; it has been almost a year since the 2018 products were released, and I am sure everyone, including myself, is excited to relive the 2019 season! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and end of the year!" "Thank you for your inquiry to the Store.DCI.com.These will probably be released towards the first of the year. Please subscribe to the website for product updates. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any further questions please, contact us at 866-396-2826." Hopefully the associate that responded was referring to the Blu-Rays and not both products in their response, although they weren't specific so it's hard to tell for sure. Although with Dr. Craig Callen's info, we have a timeline that follows the norm of CDs this month and Blu-Rays 2 months later.
  7. I just sent an email via their "Contact Us" link on the dcistore page; fingers crossed for a good answer soon!
  8. Close, but you're forgetting the most famous 98 2nd place show of all time with 08 BD
  9. https://store.bluedevils.org/collections/frontpage/products/blue-devils-2019-ghostlight-finals-tee Great way to celebrate 19! Get it before it goes away!
  10. This is the first year I've been able to complete this set (with the help of an amazing stranger on reddit!), so here's my 2019 (Probably) Finalists: Shirt Collection https://imgur.com/kjrjqKD