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  1. Hey everyone! Sadly, I cannot attend the Thursday event this week, so I would like to ensure my spare ticket goes to a good home. The ticket is for Section 140, Row 9 and I'm looking for $50 for the spot. All money will be going to buying more shirts from the corps, so you know it's going to a good place! I also have a ticket in Section 436 for Saturday night if anyone is interested in that as well. I'm looking to get rid of that for $70, or I'll let both this ticket and the Thursday ticket go for $110. Thanks so much, send me an email at zwalkover@gmail.com if you're interested!
  2. My only hope is that this delay doesn't kill the momentum that Mandarins and Pacific Crest had. Both corps had a killer last year and I was really looking forward to 2020 from both of them.
  3. Nah, their next step needs to be a Weezer show, complete with corps members arguing about Weezer the entire show.
  4. I didn't get any sort of shipping notification, but mine showed up on Monday.
  5. My Blu-ray just showed up when I woke up without any shipping notification from any source. So that's cool!
  6. I remember that abrupt transition after the ballad into the stabs for the closer. 2012 Spirit of Atlanta! And it got cut in the CD also!
  7. If you don't mind, when did you get it and what method did you go with? I bought it on the first day pre-orders were available with next day delivery and haven't gotten anything through DCI, FedEx, or UPS.
  8. I know they said they would be shipping this week in their update video that came out Wednesday, but has anyone gotten a shipping notification or confirmation?
  9. I know the Sigur Ros won't be "The Rains of Castamere" but I wouldn't be disappointed if it was "The Rains of Castamere."
  10. I was thinking they could release it as a bundle to help move product. 10 year set for like $600, free upgrade to next day or 2 day shipping, something like that.
  11. On the topic of Blu-Rays, I wonder if DCI is going to release a Decades collection like they did for 00-09 since they have 10-19 all in stock and all on Blu-Ray
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