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  1. In the time hop on my Facebook page, a video that I posted from the 2010 finals of all of the corps playing 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic" popped up. I would love to share it here, if someone can give me some advice as to how to post it. The only place that it is saved is in Facebook, but I am unsure as to how to transfer it here. Any interest in seeing it? Please help. :-)
  2. In 2015, Rhythm X went into WGI finals in 4th place. They leapfrogged their way into 2nd to win the silver medal. It can be done, Bloo! I can't wait to see you tomorrow night in Massillon!
  3. Thank you for posting the link! Had to work today so I missed watching it live. My Bluecoat is one of the synth players. :-)
  4. My son is one of two synth players going.
  5. FYI: My son, who was the Bluecoats synth guy in 2010, 11, and 12, will be playing snare with Rhythm IN BLUE. :-)
  6. I saw them the other night in Bowling Green and really enjoyed their show. The guard cluster with the flag in the middle with the corps in a circle around them is a stunning visual! :thumbup:/>
  7. Please allow me to add that there are several Bluecoats (alumni and active) and staff associated with Rhythm X, who took home the gold. :thumbup:
  8. I called Ticketmaster and spoke to a person! The result is 2 tickets in 237. When I tried to buy them online, the best I could do was 537, so it definitely paid off to call. See you in Indy! Go Blooooo!!!!!!
  9. I went online as soon as tickets went on sale for finals and had no luck getting anything that was in the 200's or even the 100's. I don't want to spend $125 for each ticket to sit in the nosebleeds. Does anyone have some insider tips on how I can get 2 tickets for finals between 238 and 242, or 138 and 142?
  10. I think the Bluecoats had 49. Correction: According to my son, Bluecoats had 52.