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    Being involved with as a volunteer and the dad of a 4 year vet daughter of the best Drum Corps family to ever march on any field anywhere and anytime. The Boston Crusaders are Giants that have persevered through difficulties that not many drum corps have ever lived through. Go BAC, Eat em Up.

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  1. This is very disturbing to me, To mock the Scouts(1938), Crusaders (1940) and Troopers (1957) is a classless move by a green young corps.These three corps are founding members of some respect! I happen to support Boston but have tremendous respect for both Scouts and Troopers. The new kids on the block should be very careful not to make a bad name for themselves. Those offensive headstones should be removed. It's hard to believe management let this happen! and,'s NOT funny. Madison Scouts deserve an apology! Perhaps your own name should be on a headstone.
  2. Boston you guys are Giants in every sense of the word and it's meaning. Can't wait to see you all back here for the home show. Your family, friends and fans are waiting with open arms. Great work, keep it up keep the momentum going.. Eat Em Up BAC...
  3. Will do,,, my girl ages out this year as you know... Go BAC,, will be a tearful night but happy tears.
  4. I'll have to find out where your standing / sitting cause I'm going to pretty loud as well.. hopefully they won't throw us all out... haha
  5. Been there,,, done that. Madison has a great show a great impact and incredible crowd appeal. The crowd is just expressing what they feel. I was in a corps that won many shows and championships and most of the time boos were the norm... often times a winner is criticized in so many ways... Just look at the nasty Blue Devil threads that folks post to these forums,,, lots of people hate a winner especially when they are so good at what they do, they make it look easy. Regardless, congrats to all the corps fielding this year. They work hard and you are right, Boos are so not deserved by any co
  6. Yes, I think it's going to be one of those,, we'll see the RECAPS tomorrow.. hope not. I'll give it a little while but getting tired. Nice job BK..
  7. Waiting on the carrier pigeon recaps again.. isn't technology amazing?
  8. I'll join you on that. Keep the pace BAC. In The Heart and keep pushing, work hard, work smart. Eat Em Up Boston!
  9. 1 Boston Crusaders 86.200 2 Blue Knights 83.700 3 Spirit of Atlanta 80.650 4 Glassmen 80.150 4 Troopers 80.150 6 The Academy 79.150 7 Colts 77.500 8 Crossmen 76.850 9 Pacific Crest 75.600 10 Teal Sound 72.200 11 Jersey Surf 71.600 11 Mandarins 71.600 14 Cascades 68.750 14 Pioneer 67.300 International 1 Jubal 64.900 Read more: